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Example sentences for shawl

The sun hits a branch and, majestically, a shawl of butterflies shakes itself out into a thousand flying tigers.
These show up in daytime dresses with snugly fitted jackets or widely flaring shawl collars.
Those came out on a team of polyglot models, each brandishing a shawl printed with her national flag.
He pulled out a notebook from under a thick wool shawl to show his reams of neat notes.
And at the same time, she created a delicious color palette in the currently fashionable pashmina shawl shades.
Each one who came into the room covered her head with her shawl or whatever piece of cloth she had brought.
Bring a shawl or large scarf to cover appropriate body parts, if necessary.
Take a shawl for churches, where exposed shoulders and arms are not permitted.
Carry a jacket or shawl to cover your upper arms and avoid wearing shorts if you plan to visit a religious building.
Pack a shawl or lightweight jacket to cover your shoulders when visiting cathedrals and other holy places.
She therefore took off one of the few things she had to keep warm, a shawl.
Choose a shawl rather than a sweater for extra warmth.

Famous quotes containing the word shawl

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