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Example sentences for shaven

Flourishing in atmospheric splendor, our forests will produce a clean shaven quality of air, void of contamination.
He keeps his salt-and-pepper hair neatly combed and, even out in the wild, manages a clean-shaven appearance every morning.
Around town, he's clean-shaven, and there's little hint of a skull-splitting berserker about him.
Before that, their ad was of a squalid little shaven headed hoodlum staring into the camera and making bald threats.
Except that his face is clean shaven and his manners perfect, he might be taken for a tramp.
Their heads be not polled or shaven, but rounded a little above the ears.
He was wearing a yellow wrap-around, was barefooted, his head shaven.
He's clean-shaven, a sign of fanaticism in a country of scraggly beards.
His hair is slicked flat on his head, and he is clean-shaven.
Today, it has become even fashionable-thanks to the vogue among twenty-something males for shaven heads.
Others may simply be veiled and their husbands clean shaven.
Males must have short hair in a natural color, be clean-shaven and wear no excess jewelry.
Sanders left it up to the sculptor, and the sculptor decided he would be clean shaven.
People point out the old-school way of television would say you've gotta be clean-shaven.
They are oversized, under-shaven and badly mannered.
He was described as clean-shaven with a flat, wide nose.
Another highlights a jug-eared, close-shaven military-type.
Tight-fitting respirators require the wearer's face to be clean shaven where the respirator's seal comes in contact with the skin.
Unless in the process of growing a beard or mustache, an employee shall be clean-shaven.
The base shall be clean shaven on a horizontal line and shall not extend below the lowest part of the exterior ear openings.
Students shall be clean shaven and in good physical condition.
He was reportedly wearing a tan short-sleeve shirt with a collar, tan or khaki pants, and was not clean-shaven.
During this latest robbery, witnesses described the robber as being clean shaven.
Subject had a thin moustache, otherwise clean shaven.
He is not clean shaven and was last seen wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt.

Famous quotes containing the word shaven

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