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The introduction to academic politics and political correctness was shattering.
The bullet severed the optic nerve in his right eye before shattering his jaw and then lodging in his neck near his jugular vein.
But amid the thundering ten-foot waves and shattering spray, hundreds of northern fur seals played with nimble abandon.
Perhaps shattering all those taboos might do some good.
Technology is shattering barriers to entry in many industries and entrepreneurship is flourishing.
They are sealed shut, and covered now with plastic film to stop them shattering in explosions.
Inflation started with the whole universe m shattering into fragments that evolved into, became, the galaxy clusters.
The shattering can produce a quark-gluon plasma, a bulk form of quarks and gluons.
When applied to steel, the polymer spreads out the shock of an explosion and helps prevent impacted material from shattering.
But their world is beginning to change, ice shelves are shattering and huge icebergs are forming.
The shattering of an illusion, or the grip of a prejudice, is not enough to give someone standing in court.
In truth, it's a thunderclap of audacities, each shattering some conventional expectation.
It was a shattering experience for the chess community, and many tried to respond in one way or another.
Violence can contribute to shattering the status quo, but only politics and organization can transform it.
He decides to end things, only to meet the wrath of shattering milk bottles during a street side fight.
He took a few strides, slipped on a concrete ramp and crashed to the sidewalk, shattering his left elbow.
The ground began shaking as in an earthquake, and a hot wind blew across the land, singeing crops and shattering windows.
Perhaps you're afraid of dropping it and shattering its sleek face.
It would seem the ship was dashed against the wharf, thereby shattering both, presumably by a storm or a flood.
The result is visually stunning and emotionally shattering.
Hip-hop's deadpan duo talk about shattering stereotypes with their brainy raps.
Its dancing feet are soul-shattering, its singing voices gut-wrenching.
The differences are shattering unity in the coalition.
Sound of tires screeching, a scream, and shattering windshield.
Shattering is nature's way of replanting before the seeds are eaten by predators.

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