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Example sentences for shattered

The legend that they were invincible-above and beyond the processes of a democracy-has been shattered.
Immediately, a scorching pain shot up his right arm as if something had shattered.
Several major operations put life back into his shattered legs, now shortened two inches and as stiff as boards.
Rising prices for rhino horn, and the prospect of instant wealth, had apparently shattered a lifetime of ethical constraints.
The current scandal has disrupted, if not shattered, this image of perfect control.
Chintzy keyboard and mouse are practically begging to be shattered.
One early morning, as they camped on a rock face they were ascending, gunfire shattered the dawn.
Some shops stayed closed because their windows had been shattered, but food vendors pushed their carts out onto the street.
At this home within the nuclear zone the earthquake dislodged and shattered a portrait of a family member.
Three times that number were shattered or foundered before they could start to fight.
Facing a life of shattered dreams and lost faith in our country hurts them more than the pepper spray and batons.
After one bombing raid, she ran through the streets of the shattered city holding a bouquet of lilacs over her head.
Complex fractures, though-those that involve bones shattered into fragments-are more challenging.
Compound fractures, however-those that involve bones shattered into fragments-pose more of a challenge.
The firm's reputation for quality, on which the business was built, is shattered.
Its sad and frightening to see all the people whose lives have been shattered in this earthquake.
For some, the crisis has shattered faith in the precision of models and their inputs.
Long-held beliefs about the animal's reproductive capacities have been shattered.
Not only is the party's confidence in its political instincts shattered.
Shock therapy would have shattered the lifetime notion, producing a big rise in unemployment.
War and dictatorship had shattered legal systems across the continent.
True, he had no calm, but she shattered whatever calm there was to look forward to in the future.
Unfortunately, the mystique is too often shattered by what is called corked wine.
The blast was large enough that it shattered windows in nearby buildings.
It also shattered the country's traditional cradle-to-grave social welfare system.
Those combined facts have shattered the long-held taboo against advertising such prophylactics on broadcast television.
While doing so you prowl through some gloriously detailed, beautifully gloomy factories and labs and shattered cityscapes.
More tragically, her voice was shattered, no longer able to soar.
They struck defiant poses on the shattered ramparts.
Upon arrival, he noticed a window pane shattered and he sees a subject fleeing away from the scene.
Earthquake tremors shattered blocks of tuff and a rock slide descended onto the bridge and covered the road.
The rail shattered into numerous pieces over a distance of about fifteen feet.

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