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The euro zone could shatter into different pieces, or a large block in the north and a fragmented south.
The euro zone could shatter into different pieces, or a large block in the north and a fragmented south.
Similarly, if an asteroid is small enough to shatter from a nuke, maybe a kinetic energy projectile isn't such a good idea either.
Even a small amount of doubt is enough to shatter consensus.
Ceramic knives hold an edge--but they shatter if dropped.
The only caveat is that these are not for people who tend to drop things, since they will shatter if dropped.
The weight of the water then drives the cracks through the ice, causing it to shatter.
Because simply seeing a vase shatter activates the part of the brain that handles sound.
It doesn't eliminate fossil fuels or shatter the price levels of other clean technologies.
The settling of stationing cleaning is one way not to shatter scatter and scattering.
Brought back to campus, it could shatter their sinecures.
Early farmers selected out wheat that, due to a random genetic mutation, didn't shatter and was thus ideal for harvesting.
Human intervention can shatter the balance of energy production and consumption.
After clear-cutting a peak's forest, miners shatter its rock with high explosives.
The blast was big enough to leave a huge crater and shatter windows hundreds of metres away.
Unchecked, it will shatter the confidence of consumers as well as businesses.
But even if there were unlimited, brilliant teachers and gold-plated reforms, violence can shatter progress.
Digital technology, though, may shatter it once and for all.
Horse accidents are always upsetting, but especially when they shatter the sense of imperviousness and insulation of high society.
One extraordinary parrot helped shatter our preconceptions about animal intelligence.
But you might want to keep all sharp objects far away, and anything that might shatter when you start screaming.
Must have been hellacious, but not quite hellacious enough to shatter the planet.
The ceramic has no other way to relieve the stress than to shatter into tiny bits.
Home prices could still rise someday, after all, and walking away will shatter your credit for the foreseeable future.
When characters are killed, they shatter into thousands of glittering cubes.
Digital also offers predictive control: you can know exactly how his head will shatter, down to each jettisoned nostril.
Records shatter as the world's fastest and strongest square off for keeps.
Wearable computing hopes to shatter this myth of how a computer should be used.
Financial failure can shatter illusions of success.
The center of the shatter ring, which is not visible here, was about a meter lower than the lava surface outside the shatter ring.
Additionally, the line also has shatter resistance, which means it will hold its seed after maturing.
Do not shatter what are the beginnings of our environmental laws.
Shatter is mainly due to rough handling during field packing with additional shatter occurring all the way to final retail sale.
Never concentrate heat in one spot because cracking ice can shatter a pipe.
Events that shatter worlds and turn lives upside down.
The plastic cover and wire mesh grating basket may crack or shatter if the basket is not properly placed in the machine.
The water's cooling effect will shatter the hot bulb.

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Its fury aims to shatter but our altars: it scorns only the gods and never the mortals.... more
Yet to sing love, love must first shatter us.... more
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