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Local terrain can sharply modify the climate within any zone.
Tap sharply on the bottom and sides to loosen the root ball.
Bob held the stage with his actor's baritone and theatrical chuckle, his eyes crinkled and sharply alert.
The road to the holy mountain turns sharply to the east and begins to climb.
Over time, violence in the outlying areas of the cities dropped sharply and land values rose.
Unlike home values, the value of human capital isn't likely to drop sharply in a year, he says.
Tuition fees continue to rise sharply relative to the incomes of college graduates.
The signals can change sharply in as little as one fiftieth of a second.
We see it sharply now that everyone is worried about jobs, fulfilling energy needs and feeding the world.
Particulates drop sharply, nitrogen oxides next to improve.
Because of phenomenal increases in output per worker, manufacturing output rose sharply.
The finding contrasts sharply with his previous work.
Often they managed this task only by sharply curtailing their own professional obligations and personal interests.
One's ability to provide may be sharply affected by one's ability to take risks.
The effectiveness of such devices-which are largely experimental-tends to drop sharply within a few months of being implanted.
Nonetheless, illegal logging has declined sharply in the three countries studied in detail in the report.
The number of views go up sharply when they are screaming that the world is about to end.
On the climate legislation being once more attempted this year, they sharply diverge.
The subjective experience and the objective event share a spatiotemporal coordinate set, but they diverge sharply from there.
And the warming that followed did not start gradually but quite sharply, within a few years.
If the car backfired, the engine could slip into reverse, forcing the crank backward sharply.
Her moods swung sharply, and she appeared unable to control her nonstop, rapid-fire speech.
Descending into the sharply tilted ship will require mountaineering skills.
In the cervix the mucous membrane is sharply differentiated from that of the uterine cavity.
Export earnings from agriculture and mining have fallen sharply, while the import bill has risen, driven by higher energy prices.
No other difference separates the two dialects more sharply.
It is always simple, direct, evocative of a constant series of clear and sharply-defined images of individuals and groups.
She flung her velvet opera cloak over the maid's shoulders and turned back into the drawing-room, shutting the door sharply.
It felt itself to be differentiated as sharply from the novel as the lyric is differentiated from the epic.
As civilization progresses, the individual begins to define himself more sharply against the background of his group.
Yet in the few days since it said it would run, intimidation has risen sharply again.
But economists are sharply divided on the cause of this inflation and the degree to which policy needs to be tightened.
Income inequality, though still high, has fallen sharply.
To bring the ratio of prices to rents back to some sort of fair value, either rents must rise sharply or prices must fall.
Bond markets shift sharply against weak euro-zone members.
And with the burden of debt and the rate of unemployment both set to rise sharply, the medium-term outlook offers little respite.
Late last spring, inflation expectations began falling sharply as growth expectations began falling sharply.
Prices do not necessarily need to drop sharply to return to fair value.
Growth, he says, will remain high in the early half of the decade but could drop off sharply thereafter as loans turn sour.
In the past few years, however, levels of sickness have risen sharply.
The sober language contrasted sharply with the mayhem it provoked.
Moreover, the grounds on which a court may refuse extradition still vary sharply country by country.
By contrast, the number of newly discovered species continues to rise sharply.
What sets the newfound cup apart is its inscription, which is still sharply etched but so far impossible to understand.
Your subject will stand out sharply as the rest of the image surrounding it remains pleasantly blurred.
To the east the mountain's conical shadow stretches to the horizon, sharply etched across a sea of clouds.
Linguistic, economic, and social boundaries are not as sharply defined as political and natural boundaries.
At the outer edge of the continental shelf, the land drops off sharply in what is called the continental slope.
Sharply designed, well-engineered, ready for skiing.
Pour batter into cake pan and rap pan sharply on counter to eliminate air bubbles.
Tiny crystals called quantum dots emit intense, sharply defined colors.
Higher feed costs will dampen broiler producer's zest to sharply expand production.
The cost of every consumer product has risen sharply.
He spotted the bird, its dainty body dramatically offset by a sharply bifurcated tail, perched on a wire above a cemetery.
Our research showed that many have sharply declining tax bases which have caused budget cuts.
Don't expect a sharply defined perfect circle to completely blot out the face of the moon.
If interest rates go up too sharply, our interest rate expense will widen the gap between revenue and spending.
The airplane rolled wings-level again and pulled sharply out of its dive.
The social lines that were once sharply drawn between those who labored with the hand and those who did not are disappearing.
Meanwhile, debt held by the public has risen sharply.
Oh, and years of sharply reduced payments while the bad loan hangs out on their books.
Finally, the parties are sharply divided by ideology.
The nature of agape stands out sharply against the background of ordinary social existence.
With tax rolls down sharply, the worry is that some nations will find it increasingly difficult to service their debts.
Nor have the prices of illicit drugs-which would rise sharply if the drug war were having any success-changed appreciably.
Instead of rising sharply, the stock of companies that trim their workforces is likely to fall.
Governments have a much smaller role, and public spending on agriculture has been cut sharply.
They did not have a sharply defined sense of purpose, either.
The prosecutor questioned him sharply about that perception at a preliminary hearing.
He has been known to speak sharply to her, to refuse to walk behind or open a car door for her.
One side is sharply defined, and the other diffuse, fuzzy.
Sharply rising grain prices underscored ethanol's impact on household budgets and the global food supply.
It also had large hyoid bones allowing it to draw its tongue back sharply.
It's a bit harder to get their colors when they're sharply in focus because the sensor tends to be overexposed in that tiny point.
Jacobs hits another switch and the rocket shoots ahead sharply, powered by a linear induction motor.
The field of mental health is moving away from sharply defined diagnoses to spectrums of behaviours.
As to interpretation of the significance of the fossil pollen and spores, two sharply divided opinions have been expressed.
Not all sharks are as sharply segregated as the makos.
But going upward and leftward you will arrive at a point where the curve trends sharply upward and to the right.
The truck cut back sharply to the right almost instantly, scraping its undercarriage along the edge of the concrete.
They went through a population bottleneck which reduced genetic diversity sharply.
Not until the next two research surveys produced sharply lower results did the agency suddenly sit up and take notice.
The color sensitivities of the cones in the retina are not sharply defined.
Still, when housing prices collapsed so sharply, even modestly risky and traditionally safe mortgages produced losses.
Transportation and manufacturing costs have risen sharply as well.
In both, light is sharply focused on the head and one hand.
It will sharply increase the opportunity of corporations to tempt or intimidate congressmen facing reelection campaigns.
While hours of work went down so sharply, consumption went up each year.
The people who create the works that fan fiction borrows from are sharply divided on it.
The courts that have considered the question so far have been sharply divided.
As in politics, good sense lies toward the center, but the pendulum keeps sweeping sharply from right to left and back again.
Public demand for beef, corn, and timber grew sharply.
The predominantly deciduous trees, with their bright green leaves, contrast sharply with their dark green coniferous neighbors.

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