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In midair the shark lunges at a seal and flips back into the water with a mighty splash.
Then it threads its proboscis into a vein in the gills and sucks the shark's blood.
If they thought the puppet was being mean, they were supposed to put a toy shark in a box.
It makes sense, then, that this particular shark is engaged in daily kills.
But once the new owner turns up in the newsroom the tone changes and the shark metaphors appear.
The truth is they're not picky eaters, with one case in which authorities found a chicken coop in a tiger shark's stomach.
And he's stepped into a shark cage of his own devise by declining to release his tax records.
She went through the lobby the way a shark goes through the ocean, quickly and smoothly.
The squalene added to food, cosmetics, and health supplements is generally derived from shark liver oil.
Two non-fatal shark attacks also have been reported in the last two months.
Fin-soup demand is driving millions of shark deaths, according to what researchers say are the first reliable estimates.
In this lesson, students will investigate the truth behind common myths about sharks and shark attacks.
Shark attacks, raging fires and deadly bacteria all sound scary.
At that rate, nearly a third of all shark species may soon be threatened with extinction.
Although it's a widespread activity now, this is where shark-feeding began.
Cartilage is less dense than bone and helps the shark to be more buoyant and flexible.
The problems of using shark cartilage to treat cancer.
Oh, and if you see a shark's fin, get out of the water.
Sushi is permissible except for mackerel, shark, tilefish and swordfish.

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