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In theatrical sharing companies three or more supernumerary shares are so called.
It was the common healthy sensibility of mankind which he found himself sharing.
In the mighty machine of the city each has his place, each is provided for, each gets the glow of sharing in the world's work.
Friendship makes prosperity brighter, while it lightens adversity by sharing its griefs and anxieties.
Sometimes an ailment is transferred to an animal by sharing food with it.
By and bye, some needy gallant hears of their practices and introduces them to a nobleman on condition of sharing the profits.
Travel's ultimate thrill may be that one special discovery-and sharing it with kindred souls.
Sharing a family vehicle can reduce your fuel costs dramatically.
Now that you have the knowledge, sharing it with others is the best way to help protect the local wildlife.
Scientists around the world have discovered many things about our planet by working together and sharing their findings.
Sharing the good, the bad, and everything in between has been a privilege.
The fracas over file sharing has prompted many proposals, but no grand solution.
But they haven't settled on a secure way of publicly sharing it again.
To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content.
Join fellow readers discussing and sharing comments.
For hundreds of years now, academics have been sharing ideas openly and building on each others' work.
Sharing one big, perfect dessert is a wonderful way to mark a special day.
And now we're sharing their secrets, adapted to the home kitchen, with you.
Savory beef stew and lemony lentils are made for sharing.
We felt glad to be sharing our table with a kindred spirit.
Pour into a large bowl for sharing, or ladle into individual bowls.
Thanks for sharing the inspiration for spring and summer.
Sharing has been thought to be a uniquely human trait.
Thanks for sharing a piece of history that helped shape this nation.
Fantastic eye and technique this is b&w photography at its best thanks for sharing it.
Thank you for sharing with us, birds lovers all around the world.
Still others tilt alone into space, as if accommodating their compatriots, obligingly sharing the cave's ceiling.
If snow is threatening, you may find yourself sharing a cable car with a farmer and his cows as they take the easy way down.
The scientists say orchids became successful by changing or sharing pollinators, but staying loyal to fungi.
They had known each other since eighth grade, sharing the silly private jokes that only longtime pals know.
Instead of one universal evolutionary tree, picture a three-trunk stand sharing a communal root system.
Public sharing of private lives has not led to a rethinking of anything.
Studying these synapses is providing new insights into how the cells form an information-sharing network to fight disease.
Bike sharing exists, car sharing exists, though cart-sharing could only work in limited areas designed for that.
Sharing recipes with your friends sounds pretty nifty.
In this week's roundup, we're sharing our favorite ways to switch up your holiday side dish spread.
Choose dishes that involve the intimacy of sharing: fondue, or a porterhouse steak for two.
Pretty soon you'll be sharing recipes, and then hosting progressive dinners.
Whether it's really cool for the people doing the sharing remains to be seen.
The sharing economy is growing up and the growth pains are evident.
The popular news-sharing site announced today that it will broadcast a message of protest during next week's hearings.
Instead, the company uses peer-to-peer sharing algorithms to distribute data across a user's devices.
Virtual collaborations for sharing data and insights are increasingly key to scientific success.
The previous sharing method would involve posting a file that other people would have to search for.
But many other people balk at sharing their precise location and struggle to see the point of doing so.
Whether you're sharing information or sharing an idea, if you can bear to part with your books, do it.
She picked that exact same card and they wound up sharing a compartment.
Portions are small, to accommodate sharing, and the prices are as modest as the ambitions.
Both somewhat chilling statistics, although that was certainly not his intention in proudly sharing them with us.
My sharing and social discovery happens elsewhere these days.
Thank you for your courage, and thanks for sharing with us.
Even in a beaker, bacteria in ocean bottom sludge survive by sharing.
So they gave the robots the option of sharing their food equally among all the others in their group.
Instead, they're the product of digital-age sharing.
They are a way of sharing developments as they happen and an opportunity to have meaningful discussion of results.
That's quite an awesome picture, thank the photographer again for sharing.
In its first year, the music file-sharing network gained tens of millions of enthusiasts.
We've established a pretty amicable relationship when it comes to sharing comedians.
Finding the perfect middle ground between sharing too little or, what's considerably worse, too much isn't easy.
That's what the press embraced as well, how you got huge through file sharing and social networking.
She learned to charm by soliciting confidences and sharing them.
The deaf would then have to be viewed not as sharing a common pathology, but as a linguistic and cultural minority.
Others, though, expect that the contradictions of this power-sharing arrangement will soon emerge.
Suppose that the best way to relieve that burden is by sharing the risk through universal social insurance.
Sharing information about cyber threats is a critical step to preventing them.
Profit-sharing plans may be used by businesses of any size.

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