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We borrowed an ax from one family, traded hiking tips with another, and shared maps and firewood.
Outdoor living is gravitating from private retreat to shared property, so we're getting to know our neighbors again.
And that the fun is best when shared with family and friends.
We have to transform it into one of shared responsibilities, shared opportunities, and a shared sense of community.
As the economy recovers, some of those people will move out of their shared homes and buy their own.
The shared set of relationships and communication among those you know vets new people for you and you for them.
The corporate giant argues that bureaucrats should not decide how software is designed or how technology is shared.
The resulting program is then given away too: open-source software is shared, not sold.
His distrust of funds of hedge funds, which channel investors' money to a portfolio of managers, is apparently shared.
It has shared shockingly little of its economic dynamism and new-found prosperity with those around it.
The problems he encountered were shared by all the best engineers of the day.
In the past, their motives were often rooted in shared anti-communism.
But creating an atmosphere in which knowledge can be shared can be almost as challenging as obtaining it in the first place.
But no one shared his enjoyment: his silent companion looked with positive hostility and mistrust at all these manifestations.
Poor parks and rich parks each have unique and shared challenges.
Then they record their observations so they can be studied and shared.
The bacteria were likely spread among players through shared towels, whirlpool baths, and weightlifting equipment.
Among their shared characteristics are the desire to excel and an inherent curiosity about geography and the world around them.
For example, some people may believe that regions exist according to languages spoken or shared physical traits.
Soon other researchers and scientists connected their computers to this network and shared information over long distances.
Three cozy shared-bath guest rooms and one large suite.
Such creatures became mythologized, with stories about them shared around the world.
So the benefits of higher education are shared by the participants and the rest of society.
All community partners will benefit as a shared destiny is forged through volunteerism and community service.
It enabled my students to communicate with one another during the semester as they shared their successes and struggles.
However, new tools for social bookmarking allow participants to share links and to add tags and descriptions to shared content.
Notice how few measures are shared by two or more raters.
The first stage is ensuring the partnership is based on shared values, goals, and expectations.
Professors have also accidentally shared comments with students that they meant only for fellow instructors.
Their shared sense of distinction from secular public-school systems tends to mask such internal distinctions.
In all of the papers, scientists cited examples of small libraries of shared data that could be scaled up.
It also erodes the traditional faculty responsibility for shared governance.
Understanding of and commitment to the legislated mandate of shared governance and the collective bargaining process.
Glad to hear the legacy still carries on and shared with the world.
The key is finding traits that are shared in some organisms due to common ancestry but are absent in others.
Spectators shared in the risk: at many motordromes, they peered down from the lip of the track, in harm's way.
He said they shook hands, shared cigarettes,talked and sang carols.
Prisoners shared cells, worked together, and even played in organized sports.
For each, food is a powerful vessel of shared traditions, a direct pipeline into the soul of a community.
These positive results of self-expression are amplified when the product is shared with others.
Sleep is such a fundamental biological drive that it's shared by practically every species, from fruit flies to humans.
To be sure, the appeal of shared interests may be specific to long-term relationships.
The claims that do survive the skeptical scrutiny of the tribe get to take their place in the shared body of scientific knowledge.
Critics doubted that so many large animals could have shared this relatively small chunk of land, however.
Crandall suspects that their shared susceptibility may stem from their dependence on what is known as the glutathione system.
Rooms are simply furnished with en-suite or shared bathrooms, soundproof windows and air conditioning.
Excursions range from a sunset cruise on a catamaran to a shared historic tour by horse and buggy.
The study looks at bones in the cave to see what was for supper back then, and whether meals were shared.
Now researchers are concentrating on rare variants: mutations shared by relatively few people, but with powerful effects.
Watch a movie or listen to a song and it gets shared, without the tedium of your clicking anything.
When he updated his status or shared a link, they watched their own feeds to see if his posts showed up.
The current economic crisis is unlikely to result in the same kind of shared experience.
Snapshots were a kind of social media: they were designed to be shared in the once-ubiquitous albums of yesteryear.
While there is heated disagreement over how it should translate into policy, this vision is actually shared by much of the world.
We haven't shared equally, but we've all gotten a break.
In case you shared my confusion on this topic, the sampling of messages below may be useful to you as well.
The processing power available even on desktops adds yet more potential value to the data being stored and shared.
No surprise that generating conflict is an aim shared all the way up the hierarchy.
The idea is that you take a picture of your meal and rate its healthiness, which is then shared with other users.
There was a bending of the rod, followed by a slight tug, characteristics shared with the snaring of any other sea creature.
We joined the group with enthusiasm and shared their weekly anguish when the staff had the day off.
Each user has a cryptographic key on his or her device for every friend that is used to encrypt and decrypt shared information.
Most of these computers communicate over a shared internal network.
Scientists can study a disease by looking for genetic variations shared by people who suffer from it.
In fact, he taught it to his students and shared it at symposia with other doctors from around the world.
Cloud computing providers tend to run entire data centers on one shared network.
Originally it allowed the computer to be shared among a set of applications and users.
Labor relations are usually excellent, based on teamwork and shared values.
It allows billing and personal information to be shared quickly and wirelessly.
These new antibodies target part of the virus that is shared between different strains and thus appears to be broadly effective.
They also had a shared fantasy life, pretending to be a couple on a bowling team.
The three-year-olds still shared more often when they worked together than when they worked in parallel, or not at all.
It can be daunting to think that the core ingredients of that glue are shared by humans and prairie voles.
Its leg bones were unusually thick, a feature shared by other aquatic animals including hippos, sea otters and manatees.
If two brothers shared a marker, chances were pretty good that they shared the genes in the neighborhood of that marker as well.
It's exactly the opposite of what should be the model, in which scientific papers are shared freely and openly.
So, consumers pay for the testing, and data is shared with big pharma.
Thanks to everyone who shared in this bit of meme-manufacturing.
He is amazed, and realizes that humans and saurians must have a shared distant ancestor.
Abundant animals in the environment would have shared in the harvest, even if only while their human benefactors slept.
The venoms shared by all of them are marked in red and brown.
Each twig is linked to other twigs through a shared ancestry.
Medicine is particularly prone to such shared mistakes.
Even when food grew scarce, everyone shared what was available.
All studies on the heritability of personality seem to agree that there is almost no effect of shared environmental variation.
So they're actually a mix of convergence and a shared ancestry.
Names and contact information will not be shared or published.
They had a strong friendship, based on a shared desire.
Tomlinson's delusions were harmless, and not widely shared.
No, a poem is a secret shared by people who have never met each other.
Still, one way or another, everything is shared with the company.
The afternoon-free from the blur of hangover or the fug of sleep-is when our shared predicament on this planet becomes clear.
The railway station and the service it provides are thus a symptom and symbol of society as a shared aspiration.
These two facts can and must provide the basis of a shared interest around which the countries of the region can coalesce.
In my line, people shared juices and coffees and biscuits and croissants.
His people are often bound together by some shared belief or, usually, delusion.
It was shared, surprisingly, even by the secular opposition groups that worked for revolution.
The article is a challenge to others to formulate a shared narrative that will enhance the prospects of success.
Their increased risk suggests that shared environmental factors--likely in the womb--are at play.

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