sharecropping in a sentence

Example sentences for sharecropping

The post-war economy, based to a large extent on sharecropping, made little progress for many decades.
Between sharecropping for various local farmers and working in sawmills.
In a near-cashless society, money wages were soon discontinued, to be replaced by sharecropping arrangements.
While exploring the tobacco field, students compare and contrast sharecropping and convict lease.
Sharecropping agreements with selected area farmers result in grain crops left in the field for wildlife use during winter months.
The farmer, who was sharecropping, was moving rolled hay from a field to a wagon in preparation for transportation to his farm.
However, in sharecropping situations, the relationship may be less clear.
As sharecropping declined in practice and families extended, people began to leave the river.
Rural police were also influenced by the wealthy in such industries as mining, sharecropping, and cattle ranching.
Some squatters have tried sharecropping with negligible results.
Sharecropping has newfound cachet as community supported agriculture.
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