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The long, irregular-shaped pieces may be rolled, and fastened with small wooden skewers.
The head is oval or elliptical, but flattened, so that when viewed in profile it is pear-shaped.
In figure and aspect it is represented as many-shaped, in allusion to the immense variety of matter with which it deals.
Biscuits may be shaped in a great variety of ways, but they should always be small.
Under back on either side of backbone may be found two small, oyster-shaped pieces of dark meat, which are dainty tidbits.
Some of these are large multicellular bacterial groups, while others are single-celled large and rod-shaped.
Depicted as a geometric shape, this pattern conforms to a donut-shaped figure known as a torus.
New extrusion techniques also allow makers to produce fibers with unusually shaped cross sections that channel away sweat.
The upper-left of the image shows a number of funnel-shaped depressions lined up parallel to the slope inclination.
Here, the diffuse area is resolved into a rhomboid-shaped group of clearly defined sources.
The result is a natural history of cold and how it has shaped the planet and its inhabitants.
In fact, what seems pristine has itself been shaped by humans.
Every generation develops a legitimate response to its own time, shaped by its own location in history.
Sine and cosine functions are also the basic functions describing wave-shaped patterns.
He focused on the amygdala, a small, almond-shaped area in the middle of the brain known to help process emotions.
The gaps shaped by gender, race, and ethnicity are more complex.
All disciplines and professions are better informed by global perspective, shaped by it, and capable of contributing globally.
We are committed to literature and images in which the stories and characters and ideas are shaped by where they happen.
My lenses were always fine, but my eye is shaped wrong.
By then my partner had shaped some publications to fit the job description.
Wright cantilevered the esplanade roofs off of surprisingly-shaped supports on one side.
It's a giant, screw-shaped coffin into which are loaded your expired meat and bones, ready to be twisted into the ground.
Similar tubular shaped clouds called roll clouds appear in various places around the globe.
One is that kids shouldn't play with guns, not even gun-shaped toys.
L-shaped zippered pockets on the outside allow easy access to your laptop and liquids baggie.
But in the end it was not the bullying communists who shaped the wiry little painter.
The pipa is a sonorous, four-stringed, pear-shaped instrument held upright on the lap.
Instead, you may be offered imitation bear's paw made from mutton pushed into a paw-shaped mould.
The result is a fascinating study of how society is shaped by hidden pay-offs and punishments.
It was a time shaped by innovations in government, transport and communications.
It is shaped by its managers whose beliefs are coloured by past and present events.
Scientists have long wondered why this small group of ground sharks evolved to have their unusual hammer-shaped heads.
The flowers, funnel-shaped when they open in the morning, flatten as the day progresses and are dropped the following day.
Small clusters of inconspicuous, cone-shaped flowers are spicily perfumed with a heavy, sweet scent.
Shrub or small tree, usually with several trunks, and with star-shaped white flowers.
The solitary, nodding flower with an unpleasant odor rises on a stalk above a whorl of three broadly ovate, diamond-shaped leaves.
Inform students that for a long time scientists have been trying to figure out why hammerheads have hammer-shaped heads.
Each large, white flower has four, heart-shaped petals and eight yellow stamens.
The double helix-shaped molecule that holds an organism's genetic information.
Twenty-foot-long upright meat eater with an armored snout for ramming and three sets of dagger-shaped fangs for slicing.
Using flint tools, they carved pillars and shaped blocks for walls mortared with clay.
Human ears, by contrast, are shaped and positioned symmetrically on each side of our skulls.
Brittle stars are sea creatures that have long, thin arms emanating from a small disk-shaped body.
Their diamond-shaped bodies help them cut through the water.
There he unearths dozens of small green stink bugs-shield-shaped, half-inch-long creatures.
Some say that the hammer-shaped head helps the sharks swim better.
Construction workers have cauterized and sealed its gaping, wedge-shaped wound.
Buttery strands of sweetened filo dough stick together and bake crisp in a bowl-shaped form made of foil.
Wide crown of stiff, gray-green, feather-shaped leaves atop a slender trunk.
Also described as bowl shaped or vase shaped, an open-center tree has no central leader.
Its globe-shaped fruit, which ripen to golden brown in early fall, can weigh more than a pound.
White, crescent-shaped beaches edging emerald coves.
Star-shaped reddish purple flowers appear in large dramatic clusters in early spring.
Set out a platter of owl-shaped cookies with candy-corn beaks.
Buy a piece of cone-shaped floral foam and insert branches.
Handmade raspberry-filled dark chocolates in a heart-shaped box are the valentine favorite.
These pretty star-shaped cookies are full of buttery cashews.
Although they're more expensive than the conically shaped ones, straight-sided cages are easier to use.
Both have inconspicuous red flowers concealed in tubular or slipper-shaped red bracts.
The fruits are borne at the same time as urn-shaped flowers among dark evergreen leaves.
Pause at one of the pullouts and you'll get a sense of the geologic powers that shaped the canyon.
Use a sharp knife to cut sod to fit it into odd-shaped areas.
Can be cut and shaped with standard woodworking tools.
Moisture-conserving thick, typically furry or hairy leaves are lance-shaped.
These bushy plants are fairly short lived, but to make up for it, they produce lots of trumpet-shaped blooms over a long period.
These have cup-shaped flowers and are less double than the old rose hybrids.
His colorful and boldly shaped mobiles and stabiles were ubiquitous.
It has shaped history and inspired storytellers, artists and cooks.
Others swoop close to their stars and then swing far out on egg-shaped paths, scattering smaller bodies as they go.
She also ponders the makeup of dark matter, unseen particles that have shaped the growth of the entire cosmos.
The rock appeared to have been shaped into the profile of a face and placed on the ridge.
Discard egg-shaped stomach, spongy gills, and the skin covering the siphon.
The artist shaped his jellied substance into giant geometric forms, so that the sense of pure color and volume predominated.
Butter cookies are leaf-shaped, also cut in clover-leaf pattern, these tickled with egg yolk to give a golden hue.
Small tear-drop shaped holes on a hand-held grater: small, yet sturdy shreds that read well for food photography.
They look different from mushrooms, lacking the flat cap and having instead one that is cone-shaped.
The mouse crashes through, leaving a mouse-shaped hole.
The mouse crashes through the door, leaving a mouse-shaped hole.
There is one low, leaning heart-shaped globe left and dearest, can you.
Ford both reflected and shaped the culture of the nineties.
Around the compulsion of writing he shaped everything else.
Solid chocolate shaped in a myriad of exciting confections travelled in neat soldierly processions toward the wrapping department.
In fact, matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped.
These bagel-shaped rings of dough can be found in bakeries across the country.
The same demographics that produced a long-term restaurant revolution and shaped today's dining-out habits haven't changed.
Twain's early years were shaped by the kind of domestic chaos that is at once a cause and a result of poverty.
The vegetables grow at the bases of the plants under the cover of the spade-shaped leaves.
The garage, with its vast and open knife-edged floor plates and soaring wedge-shaped buttresses, has become an instant icon.
The sensor itself is a small, spiral-shaped microwave circuit, which acts as a transmission line and emits electromagnetic waves.
When it hits the water at a shallow angle, it too creates a bowl-shaped depression.
The process forms rod-shaped particles of lithium iron phosphate.
One of the major goals of neuroscience is to understand how our brains are shaped by everyday experiences.
Their motor consists of one neutral atom and one charged atom trapped in a ring-shaped optical lattice.
Instead, the new doughnut-shaped silicon detectors rely on measuring light frequency.
Watch the robot pick up a number of differently shaped objects.
Soccer-ball-shaped molecules called buckyballs, or fullerenes, could soon help antibiotics find their goals.
Evolutionary psychology is the attempt to understand our mental faculties in light of the evolutionary processes that shaped them.
The fact that the tradition of marriage has been shaped by religious doctrine does not strengthen the objection.
If economic life trades on religious belief, religion has in turn been shaped by market practices.
While everyone else leads a derivative life, shaped and bound by the actions of others, he remains utterly free.
To accomplish this, the subject puts his forehead and temples into a kind of u-shaped iron bar, which grips them firmly.
Each genome contains the complete genetic information that shaped the creature to which it belongs.
As you point out, our views are shaped by experiences that coincide on some points, and differ significantly in others.
But it's your brothers and sisters who really shaped you.
Or plop into an egg-shaped easy chair and catch a minute's snooze.
Thank you for your interest in bone-shaped short-fiber composites.
Once it's developed, an amanita will be gilled with parasol-shaped caps.
But one kind of glial cell, the star-shaped astrocyte, actually appears to take an active role.
When the brain encounters an odor, it temporarily saves the data in the banana-shaped hippocampus.
In a saddle-shaped universe, distinct patches of the microwave background would look smaller than they're predicted to be.
Four years ago, a gold prospector found a large, unusually shaped spear point and a well-preserved wooden harpoon on that spot.
Each ratlike body sported a carrot-shaped head and a bushy squirrel tail.
Each of these neurons has cup-shaped proteins, called olfactory receptors.
As the feces began to freeze, he shaped it into the form of an implement.
We mean all those pear-shaped wide-load type people who have an unusual amount of excess baggage in the nether regions.

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