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The police said they had warned the shanty occupants a week in advance that the structures would be destroyed.
Without mortgage lending, there are never enough houses in shanty towns.
And the shanty towns rang with their songs and their fights.
Yet initially they seem to blend perfectly with the shanty towns in which they stand.
But fearing the development of sprawling shanty towns around big cities, it has focused on developing smaller towns.
These people are given tin sheets to build shanty towns-but no compensation.
Runaway fires are common place in the crowded dry shanty towns.
Fine, the posh areas still intersperse with the shanty areas.
The footpaths have become shanty towns of new migrants.
But hey, you can make a fast buck handing out pre-approved home loans in homeless shelters and shanty towns.
First there was this whole thing about finding the shanty.
He has seen his shanty community destroyed by municipal authorities seven times since coming to the area.
Our first library and reading-room were in a corner of a shanty, and the whole thing occupied a space about five by twelve feet.
Ice anglers placing a shanty on the ice must affix their information such as name and address on all sides of the ice shanty.
In the shanty towns around the big cities, people are cold as well as hungry.
Despite waves of migration to the cities, there are no shanty-towns to be found on their peripheries.
Groups of workers took permanent control of meeting rooms and a shanty-town of desks grew up.
On the land claim he built a one-room claim shanty for his family to live in that summer.
Anglers will be issued a daily disposable flag at registration that must be displayed at the entrance of the angler's shanty.
At popular locations, virtual shanty towns develop on the ice.

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