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Example sentences for shameful

But now all of me was buried underground-my shameful silk bow, my funeral robe and my now-cooked body.
The medical profession is shameful in this regard, and this test won't help.
The lack of understanding of basic science by the politicians of both parties is shameful.
The news media have been at their usual irresponsible, self-interested and shameful best here.
To boil that diversity down to a single false comparison is lazy and shameful.
It is shameful that a city, will try to solve this problem while the state stands idle.
These were driven entirely by a few people at the top, and they were shameful and wholly unnecessary.
My point is that even the shameful truth doesn't necessarily sink you.
Promoting prestige over education is shameful behavior which undermines the productivity of any society.
We should be celebrating the human body, not insisting that certain parts of it are shameful and corrupting.
To see the religious lunatics manipulate government and our lives is shameful.
It is shameful to read some of the comments posted by readers.
It is absolutely shameful in an wealthy society, and something should be done about it.
Given the poor state of science education in our country your reporting was shameful.
The media's treatment of this has been beyond shameful.
It is not shameful not to be as virtuous as he, and it seems excusable to be no more vicious.
He made its sequel in an era when to do so was considered a shameful, soul-less, explicitly commercial folly.
Now, when that ideology is showing its dangerous and shameful side, the party has suddenly chosen to reaffirm it.
They are quite right, these champions of the world's poor, that poverty in an age of plenty is shameful and disgusting.
The constraint on fresh thinking was on shameful display this week.
In a town where quarterbacks are more valued than quadratic formulas, this is shameful.
So the scientists' shameful mistakes have certainly changed perceptions.
To leave prematurely would be a shameful thing to do.
Then it oversaw the shameful response to the flooding.
Yet the problem with their promises is this: for every bit of conviction, there is a shameful share of pure posturing.
In a world full of shameful atrocities the simple gesture of human being reaching out to another is to be celebrated.
It was a corrective after a night of head-cramping excess: the pitiable hair of the shameful dog.
If so, then these policies are not only wrong but shameful.
They wanted revenge for their shameful defeat in the previous war.
Resourceful of them, but shameful of those who aren't trying harder to make their jobs obsolete.
Shameful indifference to the plight of the mentally ill has left many of them wandering the streets and crowding the jails.
State is not ignoring shameful ranking in level of health care.
The way they are allowed to practice business today is shameful.
Disability advocates claim that this reinforces shameful stereotypes.

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