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Your exact same mentality is what shamed their countries, in some cases still shames them.
These people are shamed, guilted or simply expected to take care of people who don't have the abilities to handle everyday issues.
For countries that care about such things, being shamed by nerds is a useful exercise.
Officials should be shamed into stopping their friends from stealing or wasting water.
Countries that will not co-operate are named and shamed.
And lastingly shamed, unless he sets about building a new reputation.
It had shamed him to long for the house, and now he owned it.
If you confront a liar with the truth, he will be shamed into admitting he is wrong.
To put this in perspective, a few media reports of abuses in this program has shamed legislators into wanting to abolish it.
No longer shamed or openly mocked, the left-handed are allowed to coexist with us peacefully.
Scrutiny by the news media shamed many developed countries into curbing their bad practices.
But he triumphed in a final game that almost shamed the tournament.
Are corrected or disciplined without being shamed, abused, or confused.
Families with a loved one with a severe mental disorder all too frequently were shamed into silence.
Distraught and shamed by family and friends, she was forced to pack up her home and find a new place to live.
Distraught and shamed by family and friends she was forced to pack up her home and find a new place to live.
Or, informally, they think that they're going to be shamed by their friends.
He has humbly apologized for it, is publicly humiliated and shamed.
When they were shamed for their efforts, students expressed frustration and reluctance to keep learning.
Long after the body has healed, the emotional state remains traumatized and shamed.

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