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He added that the higher-education system was in a shambles because of frequent monetary reductions.
Go while people remember your achievements, not when they blame you for the shambles you leave behind.
As if the world economy isn't in shambles as it is currently, flooding the market with diamonds can't help matters too much.
Forgot to mention, however, the economy is in shambles.
It was a shambles and had been evacuated only hours before.
The main political parties are milking the shambles for all they can.
The logistical details of dispersal have also been a bit of a shambles.
Our nation's property insurance system is in shambles.
Once the subsidies ended this year, the economy is in shambles and people have started protesting.
Even with judicial blessing, the conduct of executions in this country is a shambles.
In much of the nation the public education system is in shambles.
Various things went wrong to produce the current financial shambles.
Even the guardhouse on the southeast corner, where visitors enter, was in shambles.
It's a bit of a shambles to navigate, but no matter, hardly anyone stands up.
And he admits their first training session together was a shambles.
The string of floating barge casinos crucial to the coastal economy were a shambles.
Abandoned and in shambles, the castle was still beloved by urban explorers, many of whom lived in the small towns nearby.
Good families are left in shambles because of the selfish, sociopathic behavior of others.
The economy already in a shambles, lie completely disordered and the losses are unsustainable.
The debt load has left local economies a shambles and fragile democracies threatened.
If her campaign was in shambles, it was her job to fix it or take the consequences.
Since his stroke, he was always in shambles, tilted.
When he took office last summer, the region was in a shambles after years of mismanagement by his dictatorial predecessor.
When he emerged from the shelter, he found his house in shambles with the roof ripped off.
Any deviation from these conditions will leave your casino in a shambles.
He said that the people are demoralized by an economy in shambles.
Addicted people may go on denying their alcohol and other drug problems, even when their lives are in shambles.

Famous quotes containing the word shambles

Gross and obscure natures, however decorated, seem impure shambles; but character gives splendor to youth, ... more
Students of history are horror-struck at the massacres of old; but in the shambles, men are being murdered ... more
He shakes the dust from off his feet And shambles down the dirty street The last man in the town, they said... more
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