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Not since records began has so deep a recession been followed by so shallow a recovery in employment.
Self-sufficiency is inefficient and shallow markets are more volatile than deep ones.
As a result, they must extrapolate deep rock clues from shallow region data.
After his release, he moped around for days, his bruises slowly changing from deep blue to shallow yellow.
Start with deep seams and leave the shallow seams for when these processes are more fully developed.
Even under water there can be habitats such as shallow-water or deep-water zones.
Draw a sketch of an ocean cross-section on the board, showing the shallow and deep parts as well as the open ocean.
One of the problems with this is that their shallow setbacks make creating even the semblance of a garden a challenge.
Mound polenta on dinner plates or in shallow bowls and ladle vegetable ragout over polenta.
Take off the grill and place filets in a shallow pan skin side down.
Because they recede they make a shallow space seem deeper.
But when they took out the lawn, they realized they had shallow feeder rots out to the edges of their property in all directions.
Every winter, a shallow aquifer floods the flats, which dry again under spring and summer's unrelenting sun.
Everything falls away so quickly because of the shallow depth of field.
Ice occasionally forms during the winter, and maybe the rocks glide about locked in ice sheets floating on shallow water.
The earthquakes generally aren't as strong as those along other fault zones, but they're frequent, shallow and damaging.
It worked to a point, until the water became too shallow and the ships ran aground.
It is put on the inoculation lance which is used to make long, shallow cuts on the belly of a calf.
His use of bronze and shallow relief technique soon became the standard for all sculptors.
The author's understanding of the philosophy of science strikes me as similarly shallow.
Easily testable, but shallow, results will be the iron currency that drives out the silver and gold.
Please stop these shallow judgments on the quality of leadership by the color of the leader.
Students prefer physically attractive people because they are youthful and shallow.
Give up your shallow endeavors now and seek out something truly useful to society and to the world.
On the medial side of this eminence is a shallow groove, in which is received the medial margin of the head of the radius.
Turn into a shallow pan, first dipped in cold water, and let stand until thoroughly chilled.
Pour into a buttered shallow pan, and bake twenty-five minutes in a moderate oven.
Add cherries, pour into a buttered shallow tin, and cool.
Place in buttered shallow plate, cover with buttered paper, and bake five minutes in hot oven.
He was the foe of shallow thinking and shallow writing.
Running down the center of the outer surface of the upper lip is a shallow groove-the philtrum.
Cover bottom of a shallow baking-dish with apple sauce.
Along its line of attachment to the buccal epithelium is a shallow groove, the dental furrow.
On the other side of the central door, to the left of the visitor, is a cabinet of shallow drawers.
The residue can be put into a shallow grave and turns to mulch in about a year.
If so, the net delivers this shallow, scattered mindset with a vengeance.
Many investors seem to agree that the downturn will be short as well as shallow.
The overall credit recovery will likely be slow, shallow and uneven.
Instead of launching drift nets or putting out a rod and line, fishermen round up the tuna in a shallow pool.
Political theorists dismiss her as a shallow thinker whose appeal is restricted to adolescents.
In a society that eschews prejudice, favouring the beautiful seems about as shallow as you can get.
Discounting the importance of manufacturing is one of those shallow egghead thinking where everything is interchangeable.
The tunnel would sit in a ditch cut from the shallow river bed.
Moreover, shallow-water shipwrecks are often damaged.
Although the oil is in shallow waters, the sea ices over for eight or nine months a year.
Even if the recession is brief and shallow, the recovery could take a lot longer.
The conventional wisdom at the moment seems to be that the euro zone will suffer a shallow recession next year.
Their argumentation is shallow as well as pretentious.
Short-term, shallow engagement by stakeholders can only drive short-term, marginal responses.
Find a large bed of vegetation in shallow water and let the minnow swim in and around it.
Kids can build sandcastles or wade into the warm, shallow water.
The water is warm, fairly calm and generally shallow along the keys, so beaches are family friendly.
The shallow water swim is open to all ages and you don't need to know how to swim.
In addition to the usual shore-based or boat-based exploration of shallow coral reefs, night snorkeling is also available.
The oceans are home to a variety of coral species that form expansive reefs in warm, shallow waters.
The oceans are home to a variety of coral species that form expansive reefs in warm, shallow.
Their pristine beaches and shallow waters offer snorkeling opportunities.
Lift tickets are too expensive to justify a day on shallow bases and icy groomers.
What does seem to be clear is that the slip happened in a relatively shallow region of the subduction zone.
That's a lot of interests, and it probably explains why the depth of my interests is relatively shallow.
In addition, breastplates forced quick, shallow breaths.
Shallow water may have given him a solid foundation to build a road.
The oil spill may exacerbate the shallow-water dead zone through a variety of physical and biological processes.
As the debris spiralled downwards, it eventually struck the planet at shallow angles, gouging out the elongated craters.
Mammoth wind turbines may soon dot the shallow coastal seas of the world.
Toxicological studies are traditionally based on short periods of exposure and on organisms that dwell in shallow waters.
Each contracting muscle creates a shallow depression on the skin surface, which causes the surrounding area to protrude.
Green algae do better than red and brown algae in the strong light of shallow water.
It remains in rock form until it returns to relatively shallow depth to where the pressure is greatly reduced.
They identified them as large, shallow depressions that lingered after adjustments made for tides and weather conditions.
Areas between these cones, on the other hand, appear to contain only sediment deposited by waves in a shallow sea.
They built a fire in a shallow pit, about eight feet long and six feet wide.
And all of the other shallow things will not matter.
It's disconnected from feeling, and an eerie blankness-it's too shallow to be called nihilism-undermines even the best scenes.
The shallow cup of the compact looked to be holding a kind of flesh dust, a spare skin.
Out in shallow center field, three excavators lined up to commence the pull.
But the pleasure here is relatively shallow: not all of the players are using their time this way.
Meanwhile the first fawn tiptoed to- ward the shallow brook, in little stops and goes, and started across.
Pablo has not had time to panic, and with the narrator's father guiding him, he swims back to the shallow end.
In the shallow waters example, a hole that can be drilled can also be plugged up.
The offshore turbines in use or in development today stand in relatively shallow stretches of ocean.
Sponges evolved in shallow ocean basins, because the deeper seas did not yet contain oxygen, a necessity for almost all life.
The turquoise water is relatively shallow and protected from the ocean's waves by a reef.
Stingrays are commonly found in the shallow coastal waters of temperate seas.
Corals and fish shine in sunlight trickling through to the shallow-water reef.
Unlike other species, they don't migrate and they prefer shallow coastal waters.
Once a tsunami reaches shallow water near the coast, it is slowed down.
On land and in shallow water, many creatures chomp on plants.
Most continental shelves are broad, gently sloping plains covered by relatively shallow water.
Water in some lakes, mostly shallow ones, mixes all year long.
Bayous are usually shallow and sometimes heavily wooded.
The whales winter and breed in the shallow southern waters and balmier climate.
Aquifers, or supplies of underground water, are shallow.
Focus is key in successful macro photography, in which a shallow depth of field is inherent.
The success of this shot, for me, is the shallow depth of field.
Still, scientists had only a faint idea of the monuments and artifacts hidden in these shallow waters.
The sharks gather in aggregations to set up pup nurseries in shallow, near-shore waters.
Other organisms, such as hermit crabs, cannot live underwater and depend on the shallow pools left by low tides.
Visitors must lie flat in a shallow boat as it is pulled by wires under the outcrop.
For a process of such complexity, the diagnosis is remarkably shallow.
He let his intellectual grasp of things he read, signed, or praised look shallow or non-existent.
He placed the crutch beside me and then began to pull the boat through the shallow water.
The teens, none of whom could swim, were splashing in shallow waters when they unknowingly entered a deeper area of the river.
The cost of deepwater drilling is close to twice that in shallow water.
The ax clanked, establishing a brief, shallow hold insufficient to slow his fall.
The drawers were framed by two shallow, rectangular spaces fitted with wooden rails for hanging clothes.
Corals in shallow water might be fine, while a few feet deeper some corals are bleached on top, others only on the sides.
However, the technique proved difficult to use in shale deposits, which form in layers that are wide but shallow.
Finally, in the context image, you can see lots of shallow smaller craters.
The corpses of the losers in the conflict were left for weeks to rot in the sun, then dragged and shoved into shallow pits.
Yes, boil down a philosophy you disagree with the something shallow and simple.
The human brain models the sky as a shallow upturned bowl.
Either way, it landed in a shallow pool of water, settling on the muddy bottom before taking off again.
For example, distorted images revealed shallow moats encircling previously detected volcanic features called coronae.
Either there was not enough of it, or, it was too shallow a presentation.
Once at the beach, they sit by your towel or wander into the shallow lagoon to fish.
The river was shallow and rocky, and our guides had a tough time navigating in the starless, moonless night.
They build up energy on approaching the shallow beach while impact waves likely dissipate in energy as they leave the explosion.
In shallow water, tides and currents can readily stir nutrients up to the surface.
She thought she could salvage her trip by taking some measurements in shallow water.
But if it rains, even far away, eventually the shallow reserves are replenished.
There is in both the spice of law-breaking that appeals to the shallow ambition of the street as heroic.
Bring the chopped fruit and an equal weight of the cooking water to a boil in a wide, shallow pan and add the warmed sugar.
Their capital markets remain shallow and prone to capital flight at the first sign of trouble.
As they drew closer, the wind receded and the shallow rocks appeared, yellow and white beneath the surface.
Society recognizes the fulfillment of noble capacities, but it also rewards shallow achievements.
He waded out into the shallow water and got the coil of rope.
Stir together flour, salt, and pepper in a shallow dish.
Pour any remaining gelatin mixture into a shallow bowl and chill separately.
Transfer with a slotted spoon to paper towels to drain briefly, then keep warm in a shallow baking pan in oven.
Transfer to a large shallow baking pan and keep warm in oven.
Drain and peel, transferring to a large shallow dish.
Line bottom of a large shallow baking pan with foil.
Brush a large shallow baking pan with oil and arrange eggplant, cut sides up, in pan.
Melt chocolate in a shallow heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of barely simmering water, stirring occasionally until smooth.
Opt for a shallow pan, with low straight or sloping sides.
Put fish in a lightly oiled shallow baking dish and season generously with salt and pepper.
Toss together chicken, noodles, and duck eggs in a shallow serving bowl.
Use your favorite filling and bake it in a pie pan or shallow gratin dish.
Your bid to be attractive has become a badge of shallow vanity.
Marshes are characterized by emergent aquatic plants growing in permanent to seasonal shallow water.
Most of the groundwater is stored in the shallow, porous regolith.
Shallow sands were notably absent on logs from the central and north-central parts of the parish.
He woke up with projectile vomiting and before long began taking short, shallow breaths.
The company has a fleet of vessels that suck up oil in shallow waters.
Strain with a spider or other wide, shallow, wire-mesh strainer and reserve in freezer.

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