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Fracking is a form of drilling for natural gas from shale rock.
The excavation soon struck slabs of shale that had likely been thrown in to fill up what was clearly a burial site.
Residents watch methane flaring from shale-gas drilling operations.
Halfway up, it began to drizzle, and he grew anxious about her trainers on the wet shale near the top.
Our experience with shale gas shows us that the payoffs on these public investments don't always come right away.
We hump duffels and gear up a steep snowbank to an outcrop of broken shale and tussock.
Shale gas has become a significant part of our energy mix over the past decade.
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.
The creature's remains were trapped between two layers of fine paper shale, preserving the feathers that covered its entire body.
For reasons largely unknown, this was a periodic process resulting in the alternating bands of iron oxide and shale.
When he finally emerged from the swamp, he found an outcrop of shale and sandstone that matched the student's description.
Environmental regulations and cheap shale gas will leave miners looking for new markets overseas.
Shale gas has given the world an unexpected breathing space.
Within this time frame, a gradual revolution is already taking place, as new shale gas reserves are being brought on-stream.
The biggest wild card for the future of oil and gas may be shale and other tight rocks.
Bedrock consists of sandstone, conglomerate and shale.
The shale gas industry maintains that its safeguards protect drinking water and land.
Oil shale extraction is similarly difficult and energy-intensive.
The shale gas industry maintains that it protects drinking water and land.
That's what excites his so much about pulling shale fossils out of the ground.
The sea receded, and as the former seabed became a desert, the wind began to plane away the sandstone and shale above the bones.
Shale extraction technologies boost proven gas reserves.
Suddenly the amount of potentially recoverable natural gas resources from shale deposits skyrocketed here, and around the world.

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