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Ginger had to make a shaky craft of her paycheck to bear me across the sea.
There are non-profits that are shaky and many that are not.
The shaky board caved to the pressure and simply folded under the faux pressure.
The joke is on us and our shaky human ambitions, of course, and not the dogs.
There's even evidence to suggest that elephants might understand the meaning of one shaky signal from another.
The shaky statistics eventually made me change the channel.
She won't look at us much, and is shaky and nervous sometimes, even though she remains perfectly obedient.
Despite the promise of cheap, clean power, geothermal energy development may be on shaky ground.
Disorders of the vestibular system of the inner ear can cause vertigo and shaky, blurred vision.
Fundamentals of economics indeed are too weak or shaky and must be revamped to make them scientifically rigorous.
Experts suggest that releasing the oil into the market could drive down prices and boost the shaky economy.
The abnormal human camp seems to be on shaky ground.
While it is on shaky ground financially, the product development continues.
In a country with a shaky commitment to the rule of law, those identifiers could become weapons.
The outrage led to a new election and the formation of a shaky pro-Western coalition government.
Yet the evidence that it is exposure in utero to testosterone that causes all these things relies on a shaky chain of causation.
In taking such action the police are on shaky legal ground.
His arguments, however, appeared to rest mainly on two rather shaky planks.
The economic recovery is still shaky and, if it lasts, will be followed by years of fiscal belt-tightening.
Too many municipal administrations exist, with shaky tax bases, and indeed prefectures too.
Far too many scientists have only a shaky grasp of the statistical techniques they are using.
The shaky, grainy recording shows little, but the audio is telling.
His shaky hands were frustrated by pens and silverware.
He felt shaky and bad, and the spring morning was cold.
It's shaky business to draw a direct line between early voting and midterm results.
He appeared a bit shaky at first but held his own when challenged by other candidates on a range of issues.
Moreover, the oil argument rested on a shaky economic foundation.
The winds were so strong that the videographer couldn't hold his camera steady, making for a shaky video.
Even his best structure was stereochemically shaky, with several central phosphate oxygens uncomfortably close to each other.
Not necessarily on climate change, which is pretty exhaustively researched, but sometimes on some really shaky ground.
It really is easier to go along with the crowd when the crowd relies the same few shaky climate models.
He then made me stand up-a rather shaky thing for me-then sit in his chair and take my shoes off.
Remains the last superpower tottering on shaky feet.
If he was simply mistaken in the arguments in his videos, he was already on shaky ground.
But both the show and the network got off to a shaky start.
If he should bring such a thing about, he would re-emerge from his current shaky position to the national eminence he craves.
Some experts say if your marriage is shaky, a downturn in the economy will make it more likely that you will divorce.
The rest of my letters are shaky and stiff, my words slanted in all directions.
With the banking system still shaky, further big declines in house prices could bring disaster.
The current travel industry may be on shaky ground, but vacation rental homes are one bright spot.
That's the only scene that was a little shaky, with the two guys dancing.
Despite a shaky start, the operation was a huge success.
Shaky camera shots, poorly recorded audio or carelessly edited.
These youngsters soon venture into the world on shaky legs or fragile wings.

Famous quotes containing the word shaky

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Nothing is plumb, level or square: the studs are bowed, the joists are shaky by nature,... more
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