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Many of their pursuers had waded into the water shaking their fists, but the sea was rough, and they could not reach the pier.
All day he went about shaking his head and muttering.
It certainly did seem possible, so violently was he shaking it.
We greeted each other, and after shaking hands took our seats.
Technological changes are shaking up the teaching of the hearing-impaired.
Everyone let them go, perhaps with an air of mild irritation and some shaking of heads as they were thanked profusely.
Heat the seeds on medium heat, shaking pan occasionally.
Whatever your method, make sure you are shaking hands and asking questions.
When an earthquake strikes, the shaking doesn't start instantaneously.
They will also ensure that their areas have been represented in the compilation of the shaking map.
Hough says that the reports have proved to be good indications of the severity of shaking measured by on-site instruments.
The seventh and final round of shaking did the trick.
They are booking up conference rooms, shaking hands and submitting proposals for financial help and policy changes.
Warning the driver of an impending collision, including shaking the steeping wheel, is great.
Shaking hands tend to occur between partners which consider each other to be equal in an important feature.
As anyone who has ever played with a rope shaking it real fast or yelled can see.
All that needs to be done when the shaking stops is to replace the missing roof tiles and replaster the crumbled infilling.
These often end in violence, drawing in outside powers and shaking the wider region.
Hospitals and firemen practised triage, simulators gave people a taste of violent shaking, and so forth.
The new owner seems intent on shaking things up as quickly as possible.
One of those things is to measure the maximum amount of ground shaking.
Advertising wobbled during the recession, shaking the free-to-air broadcasters that depend on it.
It is possible that this third great shaking of the ethical landscape will trigger an enduring, unhappy transformation.
And the region is hopelessly ill-suited to withstand a shaking.
It is shaking up public administration and the education system.
Nothing causes more head-shaking than her handling of the euro.
Place each finished piece in the flour, turn and lightly coat each piece, gently shaking to remove the excess flour.
So frightened his knees were shaking, he ran farther along the lake.
The moment was so emotional for him, he recalled, that his whole body was shaking.
It can also be used for waving to friends across campus, petting badgers, and shaking hands with people you'd rather not touch.
Here are some things to do to prepare for an earthquake and what to do once the ground starts shaking.
The new model primarily forecasts the additional ground shaking that follows an earthquake.
Within seconds buildings were shaking violently, and people were thrown to the floor.
Shaking the jar, they found, produced a burping sound.
He starts shaking my hand, and the other policeman does as well.
Then dip in the cornmeal mixture, shaking off any excess and wiping your hands to avoid build-up.
They show up in lakes and ponds and postholes with no visible connection to the sea, leaving the inquisitive shaking their heads.
Confirm spider mites are on the plant by holding a stem and lightly shaking the leaf over white paper.
All the while, the zoo's four chimps listened nervously, rocking back and forth and shaking the bars of the pen down the hall.
The pups on the bottom literally had ice forming on their bodies and were shaking profusely.
Billions of people live in houses that can't stand shaking.
It featured opposing couplers that, viewed from above, appeared to be two big knuckles shaking hands.
Of course, you can always speed things up by shaking the can a bit.
Other goals require shaking the tablet, tilting it, or clicking the stylus nib as fast as you can.
Familial tremor is an involuntary shaking movement that tends to run in families.
Drug-induced tremor is involuntary shaking due to the use of medication.
The ground has been shaking intermittently ever since.
One bomber managed to detonate his vest, shaking the city center.
She sits in a lump, clutching her play beard, shaking with inner sobs.
She huddled against the cold wood range, staring and shaking.
He was killed while shaking the hands of members of the public in a receiving line.
The villagers are untying their disguises, they are shaking hands.
He is now shaking countless hands, one after another.
Emily tried to console him, but he turned away from her, shaking his head.
To ensure even roasting, keep the coffee moving by gently, continuously shaking the pan.
She held an imaginary pen in her right hand, and it carved wild elliptical arcs in the air, as if she were shaking a thermometer.
There was a motion of the hand, as if cooling it down after touching a hot saucepan or shaking off water.
His fear was painful to see: his hands were shaking and there was a noticeable tremor in his neck.
Suddenly my body started shaking, especially my legs.
His hands were shaking slightly as he read on and on, but his voice was a placid monotone.
Easterly and a few other authors are shaking up the aid establishment and making us all think about what works and what does not.
He countered televised attacks on him by making personal visits to villages, shaking hands, showing his face.
In the meantime, the once-solid foundations of the big pharma colossus are shaking.
Pat quail dry and dredge in flour mixture, shaking off excess.
Toast coriander in a dry small heavy skillet over medium heat, shaking skillet occasionally, until fragrant and a shade darker.
Put the pot on the fire, and don't stop stirring, don't stop shaking.
Transfer coated truffles to a platter with your fingers, shaking off excess cocoa.
The shaking of the sculpture proved almost too convincing.
Writer recalls shaking a politician's hand despite his loathing this politician.
He tried shaking his head a few times, but the idea that had struck him would not go away.
There were too many stairs to run down, the elevators had stopped, and you can't even stand straight on a shaking floor.
When the shaking stopped and emergency lights came on, the air was thick with a chalky haze of dust and concrete.
Among veteran operagoers, there was a certain amount of head-shaking, but everyone knew why this was happening.
Here, he'll return to the hip-shaking sounds of his early days.
Its eyes were crusted over and its head was shaking back and forth.
People stood with their arms crossed, shaking their heads, waiting for their insurance agents to call.
Sometimes it got so dangerous that, while my hands were steady, my legs were shaking uncontrollably.
Three generations later, a lawsuit by his free-spending great-grandson is shaking the foundations of that mighty family fortune.
We have been told that his medication causes the shaking.
No hugs, no shaking of hands, nothing but general disappointment.
He wandered aimlessly around the field in uncontrolled, shoulder-shaking sobbing.
Under his questioning, the maid started shaking and crying.
We woke up the next morning before first light, and the windows were already shaking from bomb blasts.
Retreating to the side of the slaughterhouse, he said, he was shaking so badly he could barely reload.
He must have heard his voice shaking as he spoke his few words into the huge room.
Conan sat silently listening, slowly getting more and more worked up, until he was all but shaking with emotion.
Think of attaching a piece of string to a wall and shaking it up and down, and you'll get the idea.
To my astonishment, the tremor had changed from the coarse wobble to a faintly perceptible side-to- side shaking.
His joints ached, his skin was clammy, he had shaking chills.
Share information and contribute to a map of shaking intensities and damage.
When he sat down to savor the experience, the hand that had been stung started shaking uncontrollably.
People who take it develop a slight shaking of the hands and fingers.
The honeyguides quickly mauled their foster siblings, shaking brutally and striking haphazardly for a few minutes.
They claim rights to profit from dominating our roads, shaking our buildings and polluting our air.
He begins to dance, bobbing from side to side to side while shaking his head and waggling his six bizarre plumed wires.
And many cancers develop from senescent cells, by shaking off their restraints and growing out of control.
His body was shaking and his eyes were fixated on the subject of his wrath.
Yellow to red colors indicate regions experiencing damaging shaking.
Shaking can still be severe in areas underlain by bedrock.
Hazards are measured as the likelihood of experiencing earthquake shaking of various intensities.
The word no longer seems adequate to describe the relentless turmoil that is shaking the world economy.
Technological advances, consolidation and the race to get into new markets are shaking up the industry.

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