shaker in a sentence

Example sentences for shaker

It wants to be a mover and shaker in the world arena.
The rock salt applied to icy roads in the winter is the same substance that comes out of your salt shaker.
On-line buying cooperatives will make you a mover and shaker.
The second is whether or not the decisions were long lived, once put in the shaker it could have unforeseen biological damage.
Even if you have a light hand with the salt shaker, you probably get lots of sodium in processed or restaurant meals.
And it's a pain to carry around a salt shaker and have to apply it to every little piece of food you eat.
The team used lasers to monitor vibrations as they were oscillated by a lab device called a mini-shaker.
The winning partner will forgo the lab's shaker flasks and hot plates in favor of giant vats.
The scientists bounded lasers off the feathers to track their wiggles as the mini-shaker vibrated faster and faster.
Peel the tangerine and muddle the fruit in a shaker.
Glee's resident rump-shaker took a fashion risk in a plunging periwinkle gown with a ruffled bottom.
Q--The metal on my salt and pepper shaker tops is flaking off.
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