shaken in a sentence

Example sentences for shaken

The announcement has shaken those who work on both sides of the admissions process.
Their contents quickly embroiled him in a controversy that has shaken the climate community and threatened his career.
The fossils' unprecedented detail has shaken up the octopus family tree.
More than a dozen smaller burps have shaken the area in the years since.
He may have been disappointed in himself, even shaken, but outwardly he was as smooth and focused as a socket wrench.
Then sea salt shaken into the corners of violent sadness.
She'd shaken her head in frustration, and her mouth had turned down.
The younger people, as soon as they have shaken hands with the hostess, dance.
The lady's long hair was shaken loose, and dropped, trailing on the ground.
We at that time had shaken the reefs out of our topsails, as the wind was lighter, and set the main top-gallant sail.
It would also have further devastated a shaken banking sector.
We were rudely shaken from these rosy dreams by a distress signal from the bike.
Some reporters wrote that he was visibly shaken, but this seems too poetic or wishful to have been true.
When she was twelve she was shaken by the sight of human corpses floating in a local stream.
It had shaken everyone in the brigade, up and down the ranks.
As the wool is transported up these ramps any droplets of water attached to it will be shaken off.
The turbulent economy has shaken lucrative news-stand sales in particular.
Industries that cease to offer value for money sooner or later get shaken up.
Economic developments over the past three months have not shaken the case for a further rate rise.
Public companies may have had their confidence shaken in the past few years and their territory shrunken a little.
Their confidence in world markets has been shaken by two food-price spikes in four years.
The turmoil has shaken commerce in goods of all sorts, bought and sold by rich and poor countries alike.
It has neither shaken the government nor sparked industrial riots.
Or if your partner has shaken the foundation with his or her snoring.

Famous quotes containing the word shaken

...give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be ... more
What did you go out into the wilderness to look at? A reed shaken by the wind? What then did you go out to ... more
There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shakenmore
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