shakedown in a sentence

Example sentences for shakedown

My favorite though is the end part which is the inevitable shakedown or threat.
Should a guard confiscate your headphones during a cell shakedown, seek the earliest opportunity to throw a cup of urine on him.
It's too soon to say, but for its first shakedown trip, it actually didn't do badly.
The video above shows a covert shakedown drive before the car was shown to the public.
It was a milk-and-cookies kind of shakedown thing, buck up the troops.
All shakedowns are recorded on unit shakedown logbooks.
For deep-field groups, this requirement is in addition to the equipment shakedown trip.
After facility shakedown, three stages of testing were conducted: verification testing, parametric testing and long term testing.
Bow to the shakedown artists and vote for them when they call.
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