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The shaggy domes, each about ten feet across, are built from cut branches and sealed with mud.
Squeeze the topping into shaggy chunks and scatter over the apricots.
The edges were frayed, which made the mane authentically shaggy.
Shaggy gray hair, with a bald spot at the back of her skull.
If not exactly a deliberate swindle, it is an endlessly repeated put-on, a shaggy-dog story without a punch line.
And it was so great taking her with that big mop of shaggy, hippie hair that she has.
Their long shaggy hair protects them from the cold winters and rainy weather.
One is a thick, shaggy coat that protects them in winter and falls away as seasons change and temperatures rise.
The muskox's shaggy outer coat covers everything but its feet.
Then you see a stipple of gray: a herd of sheep, watched by a shepherd on a shaggy-maned horse.
The action melodrama, although it rarely pops its shaggy head into the comparatively effete.
Shaggy was close to being put down by an animal shelter because he had seizures.
Wolfishly handsome as always and working the shaggy hair.
In all plumages the heavy, pink-based bill and shaggy neck are diagnostic.
Its bark is shaggy, and its leaves are whitened underneath.
The shaggy-barked older stems and branches of the shrubs are often hollow.
The stems are light tan and become shaggy and hollow with age.
The tarantula's large size and shaggy appearance is frightening to many people, leading them to believe it has a ferocious nature.
They have shaggy bark and light green needles in the summer months.
Sea lemons, shaggy mice, and two sea slugs were also found here.

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Dogmatic theological statements are neither logical propositions nor poetic utterances. They are "shaggy do... more
She had never known before how much the country meant to her. The chirping of the insects in the long grass had been lik... more
In my Pantheon, Pan still reigns in his pristine glory, with his ruddy face, his flowing beard, and his shaggymore
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