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The inflorescence is the flowering part of the plant, and consists of a central shaft called a spadix.
The magical shaft of light will soon be gone, the tides will transform the waves, the eons will change the rocks.
The walls of the burial shaft were made in part with carved stone slabs, known as stelae.
In the steam era a giant engine powered a central rotating shaft, and machine tools ran off pulleys in long linear factories.
These parents were standing in the one shaft of light, motionless.
Then it magically floats up on a shaft of light and joins the rest of the pod.
As they worked, the shaft of light grew to fill a large swath of the valley.
The shaft is so slender that it produces a fair amount of tactile feedback when it meets the cue ball.
Once the shaft is in place, only a small surface facility will be needed to collect the oil and carry it away.
To compensate, engineers engage the gearbox to artificially speed the shaft.
The entire factory operated off a single shaft that ran the length of the rickety, old wooden building.
Now, this doesn't mean that old-fashioned shaft mines are pleasant places.
My rent-stabilized apartment shares an air shaft with a restaurant on the ground floor of my building.
Because potential candidates get the shaft when the open application process is shut down.
The blades are attached to a rotor hub, which is in turn connected to a drive shaft.
Each piece of muscle connected to the outside of a plastic ring, which encircled a shaft.
Alongside it on the shaft is a carving of a handshake.
Under less than ideal conditions, only the top of the grave shaft will show.
The miners traveled up a narrow, nearly half-mile rescue shaft in a specially designed capsule.
The computer responds by sending a radio signal down the needle shaft.
Researchers descend by truck through a serpentine mine shaft.
Wind turbines often also employ a transmission to gear the shaft speed up or down to the sweet spot.
Thus you can leverage their curiosity and let them give the shaft a few sharp tugs to keep the batteries full.
The change in pressure drives the engine's pistons, which drive a shaft that turns a generator to produce electricity.
The tiny amount left is such a low level it can be returned to the mine shaft.
All this was discovered only when one employee escaped through a ventilation shaft.
Coverts warm brown with dark bars that widen and meet adjacent dark bars at the feather shaft.
In car engines the cam shaft is doing that by synchronizing valves instantaneously.
Coal is affordable to all consumers, and other than hydraulic generation coal gets the shaft.
The scientists then discovered a depression in the bedrock that they suspected was a shaft.
Actually, many helicopters and prop-planes have turbo-jet engines in which a jet turbine drives a propeller shaft.
Whats left is such low level it could be stuffed back in an uranium mine shaft.
The boot shaft has a soft lining and is surprisingly supportive around the ankle.
The shaft had rusted, expanding in the process, and was tight in the nylon bushings that served as bearings.
The nit shell then becomes a more visible dull yellow and remains attached to the hair shaft.
The small, cramped submarine was powered by its crew, who turned cranks that spun the submarine's propeller shaft.
When the heat engine stops, the flexible shaft stops.
Touch the shaft of the motor on the stick and they should be able to hear the music.
The shaft of the fatal arrow was nowhere to be found.
The protruding shaft on the first wing feather makes a loud, rustling sound-adding acoustics to the visual display.
If the wind drops below the sweet spot, the shaft will slow down, causing a drop in generator efficiency.
The shaft drilled for the probe that made contact can be used to send them food, clean water and medicine.
The lift-shaft of an unfinished high-rise hotel on the waterfront was filled with concrete to render the building unusable.
For the rest, the occasional exploratory shaft or trench must suffice.
Her advisor gave her the shaft, and he got promoted.
The anterior surface includes that portion of the shaft which is situated between the lateral and medial borders.
The horizontal engine moved a reciprocating double rack, which geared to ratchet wheels on a shaft that carried the paddle wheels.
The gearbox manages the rotation of a second shaft that connects to a large electrical generator.
In conventional wind turbines, the blades spin a shaft that is connected through a gearbox to the generator.
But having electric motors at the wheels instead of a drive shaft is much better idea.
They live only in human hair, grasping the shaft and feeding once a day by sucking tiny amounts of blood from the scalp.
Make sure you have the right loft on the driver and the right shaft in the driver.
Near the elevator shaft is a vast underground lunchroom that serves boxed lunches, snacks, water and soft drinks.
The common instant-read thermometer has a metal shaft that can be inserted into foods to measure inner temperature.
They are inside a mine shaft shelter the size of a small apartment.
Inside the mortared shaft, their conversation was amplified.
It needed a lot of detailing, a new rear half-shaft and a good tune up.
In those plants, natural gas is burned in a jet engine, turning a turbine shaft to make electricity.
The application for this product is to fill an abandoned mine shaft, accessible only by foot or helicopter.

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