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But the image taken on his side showed a dark, crescent-shaped shadow of air that clearly was not in the intestines.
It has also scuttled chunks of the intelligence edifice that cast a long, dark shadow over its smaller neighbour.
The dark blob of shadow at the top is from his large mortar and pestle sign.
Incredibly, twice a year on the spring and autumn equinoxes, a shadow falls on the pyramid in the shape of a serpent.
Failure of a promising compound casts a shadow on others.
The staircase is simple, while the shadow is complex.
And the shadow they cast puts the bird's darker meat in a bad light.
Plant this stick upright in the ground and pace off the length of its shadow.
For millennia, humans have stared in wonder and awe as the moon's shadow briefly blocked out the sun.
Living in the shadow of such a horrendous catastrophe didn't faze us.
Professional photographers camp here to capture the unfolding layers of color and shadow at dawn.
As the day progresses, the shadow of the peak of my house arcs along the sidewalk across the street.
And for years the so-called shadow banking system thrived, away from prying eyes.
Many hours later the neurologist called and told me the shadow indicated a cyst and not to worry.
If you are standing outside during the daytime, the antisolar point is marked by the shadow of your head.
Maybe now somebody can understand why entropy is a shadow.
X-ray photolithography requires one-to-one shadow imaging.
As the shadow rises, it breaks into a cloud of tautly ribbed sail, aflame in the tropical sun.
All these people are seeing the shadow that they call grades.
As she matured and all her skills sharpened, no one in her field thinks of her as his shadow any more.
Though some shadow cabinet colleagues disparage him in private, he is safe in his job.
On the other hand, digital has far better shadow detail.
The latter can be proved without a shadow of doubt by the study of genes.
The panel shadow should be the same size on each side of the box with little or no shadow on the side facing the sun.
Imagine a line extending from your head to its shadow on the ground.
There are a few brands, and a few colors within some brands, that leave a shadow behind of what was written.
Shadow economies have grown since the financial crisis began.
Many more, including some in the shadow cabinet, think the matter should be given low priority.
It doesn't happen everyday, but occasionally a great shadow will make a great picture.
Actually, even a small shadow can completely zero out the power.
There is also a lot of shadow provided by the pots and hydroponic systems.
Yellow moonlight throws her humpbacked shadow across the glistening mud.
There will be change that casts today's in shadow, probably for the next two decades.
But the suggestive shapes usually turn out to be whitecaps or a cloud's shadow.
With light from above and below balanced, the squid can hunt shadow-free.
But generally speaking, the amateurs lived in the valley of the shadow of the mountaintops.
His eyes are empty of expression, his lips are drawn in a grimace and he walks as soundlessly as a shadow.
The history of cars is a short story in the shadow of public transportation.
And of course the shadow of our human footprint is now being seen by more and more of us.
Aldrin is seen in the shadow of the lander, yet he is clearly visible.
Take a straight stick about three feet long, drive it into level ground, and mark the spot where the stick's shadow ends.
Come evening, gather around the fire to dine on enchiladas and watch the play of light and shadow across the canyon.
The shadow foot shows up when the foot is nearer to you than when it is farther away.
Enough to cast a shadow, which would actually be pretty cool.
Given our evolution on a planet where the light source is above, the sunspot below the prominence makes me think of a shadow.
The reading above is a shadow of an obsession with externals or wilful misinterpretation.
If there is one genuine psychic out there, then they would easily be able to prove it, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Chen placed rats in a box where one half was electrified and kept in shadow.
When an amber light hits the same object, it casts a bluish shadow.
At sunrise or sunset, the shadow from a lander might be long enough to detect, even if the lander itself is invisible.
For them nothing was left but to sit in the shadow and wait.
He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall.
The world-this shadow of the soul, or other me-lies wide around.
The shadow banking system was as important to the economy as the ordinary kind, but was far more vulnerable.
Even if discussion ever turns into legislation, it will be a pale shadow of what was once hoped for.
He had a singular way of creating a mood with light and shadow, and he fills this painting with a glow from a window.
Meanwhile, the market for auction-rate securities is a shadow of what it was.
These aren't a fantasy river or a mountain, but the shadow of the past looming.
The singer's once-glorious voice has been revealed to be a shadow of its former self.
Something deeper is happening: it's the rise of a shadow job market without benefits or proper accounting.
It was a white ship with a high prow that threw a wide shadow.
It's rather stirring to see these countries fighting their way out of the long shadow of imperialism.
The generals and spies fretted that the new president might put an end to an elaborate shadow war they had been waging.
They were sordid suspicions, without a shadow of proof.
The sergeant had remained in the shadow of the doorway, out of the weather.
Occasionally it would pounce on a piece of bark that had fallen off the firewood, or a shadow.
Even in the case of cadaver donations, emotions shadow the transplant.
Here the negative and the positive are inseparable: without shadow, no brilliance.
Here is the sweat shadow left by her hand on the red leather racquet handle.
Action in sports may happen quickly, but the plays exist in time, with a long history and a long shadow.
Some kind of shadow was throwing itself across the negatives.
It's my favorite for this season because it can be used as a bronzer, blush, and even an eye shadow.
He went so heavy on eyeliner and eye shadow that he himself laughs when he sees the movie today.
Now the fire is but smoke and ember, the neon anemic, the dragon feeble and more of shadow than of substance.
The job shadow program is limited to those who are currently enrolled in an accredited law school.
In the dim hollow of the living room across the street, a shadow moves.

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