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Well-fed plants grow fast and large, shading out weeds and usually staying disease-free.
Instead, exotics such as garlic mustard can muscle in, taking up space and shading out native flowers and tree seedlings.
She looked at him critically from under her shading lashes-but her eyes grew gentler almost at once.
The latest iteration contains advanced features for subtle style effects, object shading and transitions.
Meanwhile, good use of sunlight, shading and ventilation would cut heating and cooling loads.
The balcony overhangs of the fa├žade serve an environmental purpose, shading apartments from the hot summer sun.
Though his use of color is often strikingly original, it tends to disrupt the unity that he achieved with shading alone.
The stingray's coloration commonly reflects the seafloor's shading, camouflaging it from predatory sharks and larger rays.
Computer-generated shading enhances the look of the political maps while providing valuable information on topography.
Several different sheets of plastic were layered on top of each other to add shading and place names.
There will be stabilities, but there will be differences in narrative and shading.
The report also recommends better shading for cocoa plants, access to new varieties of seeds and better prevention of brush fires.
Roof maintenance, repair, and shading issues may also be mitigated due to the small size of the micro-cells.
Even if one was thinking of going vertical, you could not have them near each other or other high buildings from the shading.
The perspective is completely flawed, the colouring is rough, there is no shading whatsoever.
The bioreactors closely to each other and mutual shading overcome by harvesting sunlight cost effectively.
Mutual shading caused by increased density of cells limits growth.
There are also issues with vent pipes and shading from trees which can further reduce the usable space.
The darker the shading the higher proportion of lineages shared.
They can be wispy and weak and they can be bold enough to garner shading on themselves.
Screens are now simpler and cleaner, with larger text and shading to outline buttons.
There's also the side benefit of shading roofs as the solar panels nicely block the sun.
The architecture deals with the hot and humid summers by means of shading and ventilating the buildings and spaces.
He holds them, sniffs them, looks deeply into their petals and studies their shading.
The new greenhouse will feature automated temperature control, ventilation, solar shading and watering.
Today, ombre shading creates the excitement, as at near right.
Its panchromatic hues vary in shading from pastel to vivid and compare favorably with better known processes.
However, he has some sequences which require a shading of moods and he responds appropriately.
Based on my examination, vehicle sun-shading is necessary for my patient's health.
Such shading is preferred in the case of parts shown in perspective, but not for cross sections.
Shading prevents the sun from melting ice, requiring the use of extra salt and deicers.
Transmitted solar radiation values were determined for windows with and without external shading.
The use of shading in views is encouraged if it aids in understanding the invention and if it does not reduce legibility.
Exterior shading combined with a good glazing selection is the best window strategy.
The colors were unblended, without the subtle shading that suggests three-dimensionality.
Third you can combine the colored houses with or without shading.
And in the darkest level of shading, corridors of severe forest blowdown existed.
Every day, decisions about the built environment and landscape effect the future shading of existing or potential sites.

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