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Shades of a cobalt blue fresco can be found above the stepped altar.
Along the road, exhaust-spewing trucks rumble through villages of concrete homes painted in pastel shades of green and yellow.
Suddenly, he stops and shades his eyes while peering up into the canopy.
Flowers of the evergreen hybrids come in shades of purple with dark flecks and last well in bouquets.
Leaf colors include green shades as well as silvery blue, gray, and creamy yellow.
The farmers' market table is buried in shades of green.
Mimic the ocean's tranquillity by choosing a palette consisting of shades of one color.
Their vivid shades mirror the glowing foliage worn by many trees this time of year.
Filmy white shades diffuse sunlight through the sitting area-helped by pale fabrics and rugs.
The algae can range in color, giving the jellyfish a variety of shades.
Daydreaming and imposter thinking are hidden shades of our personalities.
Further on, the ice takes on paler shades of gray and in the distance looks to be white.
Its top layer of solar panels shades it from direct heat gain.
It was the perfect day to don the shades, roll down the windows, and crank up the tunes.
There are non-metallic alternatives available for many other popular tattoo ink shades, too.
While looking longingly into the distant present, by way of my rose colored shades.
As if that project, and its minutiae of citations and shades of meaning, is the point of graduate school.
In any case, perhaps the more important point here is that there are many shades of red.
Any depiction of this new educational world certainly calls for many, many shades of gray.
Not as bright as you'd expect, meaning you'll need to pull the shades for optimum results.
The album kicks off with definite shades of gritty garage rock.
Add to that incredibly durable photochromic lenses that adapt to any lighting condition, and you have shades for every occasion.
Use the photographs to illustrate your climate map, and color in the climate zones with shades that seem right to you.
Use shades and window treatments to manage heat transference.
Turn off the lights near windows, and in hot months, use window shades to help cool the office space.
When he finally got back, he was a couple of shades whiter.
Those cruisers are in a unique position to lift their shades, look around, and start pestering the big ships to go green on land.
The park's paths are quilted with a patchwork of leaves in shades of scarlet and cinnamon.
The only way to measure distance is in shades of blue.
Shades of a thousand days, poor gray-ribbed wrecks.
Yet each variety shades down imperceptibly into the next, and you cannot draw the line where a race begins or ends.
Worse, it is impossible to represent a great many of these shades in print.
The characters are uninteresting, although marked by strong shades, and placed in every requisite advantage of situation.
The fabricators choose which colour each spot is to be, and use ordinary household paint to apply the shades.
Hand-sculpted pigs in lifelike shades of porcine pink stand, their legs in a snow-bank of flour so that they dry evenly.
On the hilltop a lush forest canopy shades a patch of coffee.
There are no shades of gray in the report, however, and the lack of nuance can be disconcerting.
In brief: the parts in shades of blue are stimulus-related outlays and depressed revenues for economic slowdown.
The various shades of blue, in which untutored harmonists indulged, ranged all the way from faint cerulean to deep indigo.
At that moment, the shades of mortality and irrelevance seemed to be drawing over the civil-rights generation.
Their many subtle shades include greens, oranges, and violets blended from lots of different genetic proclivities.
As they move, the browns and greens of their camouflage change to shades of gray.
These days, his sweaters are more likely to be in subtle shades of goat, and be more expensive.
It's a little higher and faster, but with odd, devastating pauses and saturnine shades of mockery.
He looked up toward the ceiling, at a thin bar of light leaking though the shades from the street lamp outside.
Shades of pink and warm tones look light and fresh while bringing out your tan.
Rove's house is done in soft silks and elegant colors, seafoam and other pale-green shades.
We stop at a crook in the creek where the waters slow and eddy, and where a stand of willows shades the bank scenically.
He's created a home that is immense and fluid, with beautiful dark woods and shades of maroon.
Mammals come in many different shades, but never the color green.
All were various shades of tan and brown, except for the albino lab rats.
It appears the only place you can use them is as bare bulb or in fixtures with lamp shades.
There are shades of gray here when it comes to shooting deadly toxin into your body.
In a pragmatic view, something is either true or it is not, with some allowance for shades of grey.
She merely absorbed ever deeper in her being-home its cratered shades of grey, sinuous rilles and smoothly rounded peaks.
No shades of grey when there are cheap shots to be made.
There are good people, bad people and all shades between.
There are as many different shades of intent as there are people.
Or anything other than sunscreen and wraparound shades.
The color scheme should reflect tones found in nature so opt for shades of brown, gold and green.
Growers have begun producing purple shades of this cruciferous vegetable.
Motorized cloth shades are specified in this section.
Shades shall be installed on all exposures of the cab as specified in individual orders.

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