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We already have a decent flower patch surrounding our back patio, which is shaded by a big pin oak tree.
The lack of cars will allow for narrow, shaded streets that will also funnel breezes from one side of the city to the other.
For each four-sided column, fold along the sides, and also along the edges of each shaded tab.
Stumps dot the landscape, remnants of the once-stately trees that shaded the town.
The shaded region is the error estimate of the models, while the dotted red line is the model scaled up to match the data.
Pinpointed a gene that may allow shaded plants to grow more productively.
We follow a knot of workmen up the hill to rectangular pits shaded by a corrugated steel roof-the main excavation site.
From the hill-tops, they shaded, our shores to defend.
Category headings distinguished by shaded backgrounds.
The dry light must shine in to adorn our festival, but it must be tempered and shaded, or that will also offend.
Others have wondered why some of the flight was on the shaded side of the mountain ridge, rather than in the sun.
She shaded in the last tooth and leaned back to frown at her work.
The trade-off, of course, is that the other side of the cylinder is shaded.
They'd sat here long enough that only their right side was shaded now.
It had velvet curtains, white tablecloths, little rose-shaded lamps on the tables.
Elegant inns with long, shaded verandas appeared all along the shoreline.
In the family's other side yard, the couple removed a hulking tree that shaded an otherwise sunny space.
Water plants keep ponds shaded, protecting them from heat buildup that stimulates algae growth.
The mini-greenhouse doubles as a table for a lightly shaded patio.
The arbor-shaded patio with banco seating invites guests to the garden's far reaches.
Dining alfresco on the coast usually calls for jackets to stave off the chilly air, especially on shaded patios.
The top floor opens to a balcony shaded by a red-and-yellow awning suspended on metal brackets.
For an outdoor wedding or if weather is hot, keep cake in a shaded or cool area, or chill until ready to serve.
In summer can be moved outdoors to a partly shaded patio.
Position the sandpit in a shaded area, away from sprinklers.
Good gardeners have done wonders here, making room for everything from chickens to tree-shaded ponds.
The shaded area is the leopard frog's natural range.
Such trees create shaded spaces so silent and serene that visitors drop their voices when they speak.
He placed the bottles either within the cave or in a shaded spot at its mouth, and waited.
The jet stream position and strength are easily located by looking for the areas shaded in gray.
The hike is mostly shaded by cottonwoods, oak and maples.
Most of the sites are fully shaded and can be accessed directly from the parking area.
The campground offers spacious, shaded sites suitable for big rigs.
Amenities available are picnic tables, shaded tress, cabins and limestone parking areas.
Most of the sites are open, but some are shaded by a handful of cedar, fir and cottonwood trees.
The sites also have concrete pads and are in shaded areas.
Each wooded camping lot is shaded and has complete hookup capability and fire rings.
Every unit boasts an outdoor shower garden or outdoor bath shaded by lush foliage.
The sites are not shaded, and there are no bathroom or shower facilities.
Heavy wooden seating is shaded under a canopy of tarpaulin.
Camping is primitive, all sites are shaded and guests have free access to hot showers, barbecue grills and fire rings.
They have two or three bedrooms, a full kitchen and a shaded gazebo or pavilion.
Other upgraded ship areas include a shaded sun deck and a walk-around open air promenade deck.
The campground is well-shaded by tall trees and offers a park store, boat docks and rentals, and plenty of fishing.
Both campgrounds are well-shaded and offer standard amenities such as grills, picnic tables, water and electrical hookups.
The tree-shaded cottages feature private bathrooms, a kitchen, small dining area and a deck.
The pool is heated and partly shaded by tall pine trees.
For the departed, notable or notorious, burial places as secluded and as shaded as estates in life.
Our asphalt shingle roof has dark streaks of mildew on it, even though there are no overhanging trees that keep it shaded.
Moist, open or shaded slopes from foothills to moderate elevations.
The water was brilliantly clear, the light shaded only by tidal ripples at the surface.
He and his friends had been peacefully roaming in the shaded forest, snapping branches filled with sweet gum.
Her face is long and tranquil, with dark eyes shaded beneath the protrusive brow.
Ocean bathymetry with depth curves and soundings, peak elevations, and handcrafted shaded relief provide topographical detail.
Look for natural frames, such as an arch or the shaded walls of a canyon.
The sun was hot and smart people were taking a siesta in hammocks on shaded porches.
Then, boldly, the mini-series abandons the legend and goes for a more subtly shaded truth.
Members chant privately, but meet regularly in each other's whitewashed apartment buildings and bougainvillea-shaded homes.
There are two additional compact, shaded plazas in this compact downtown area.
They were seeking sample tastes of wine, a shaded picnic spot near the vines and an attractive room for the night.
The somber science of heating flour and water and cream of tartar prevented us from gazing out the ivy-shaded windows.
In the graphic below, select the color-shaded areas to view and download the land cover data available for a region.

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