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Shade this bar on the pyramid and repeat for females, using a different color.
In warm climates, give light shade during hottest part of day add to my plant list.
Made from rubber, every part is the same shade of whatever garish color you choose.
Take warning: extremists of any color or politico-religious shade cannot be cuddled, appeased or tolerated.
He wrote several poems about lying under trees, gazing at the light and shade.
Use another color to shade in areas from which people might emigrate to enjoy those benefits.
Except as noted, give full sun in cooler climates, light shade in hotter regions.
There's more than a shade of difference between those jumping-off points, with the second one offering more comic possibilities.
These are two ways of saying the same thing with but a shade of difference in the meaning.
Start with a shade that is lighter than your natural hair color for best results.
But some of those who attended, knowing that too much sun is as bad as none, improvised a little shade for themselves.
It might not harm the visual impression at all to simply say that all pixels within a certain shade range are considered equal.
Take care to also consider the effect of too much shade on surrounding plants and trees--some plants need lots of direct sunlight.
In some areas, a ground cover suited to shade may be better.
But the trees need shade to survive, so no clear cutting of forests.
The skin was a magical-looking shade of deep purple.
Tolerates any exposure, although it prefers shade in hottest climates.
The landscape plan calls for shade trees, vines on trellises on the south side of the house, and edible landscaping on the north.
These figures put the losses on credit-related securities-where the financial crisis began-into the shade.
But they also often deposit the seeds in prime spots: under the protective shade of other fruiting shrubs and trees.
Its hazy shade seems to tell a story, but when awakened all you can remember is this photo.
They might also find a little inspiration along with the shade.
Think beyond the first shade of meaning of the answer choices and into the second and third.
He would set his traps by a river and then wait for hours, resting with a book in the shade of a tree.
She had a larder on the north side of the house with a wire grid to let cool air in from the shade.
Red cotton embroidery is particularly pretty when combined with the golden shade of ecru cretonne.
Wright's administration complex has a series of memorable cantilevered sunscreens that shade windows.
On this remote, cactus-strewn shoreline, the sea is a dazzling shade of green.
Then the house was a lovely shade of pale pink, with white trim.
The air underneath them is stagnant, as in a sauna, but their foliage is the only available shade.
He built a lamp and shade that were impressive enough that he was featured on the local news.
In other words, the panels can provide shade for flora and fauna.
Take back to green or shade house and broken up and the seed taken with sum dung on it and planted in tubes.
Plant in part shade in warmer areas more add to my plant list enlarge.
There's even a dimmable window, though it also includes a traditional window shade for total privacy.
Have students shade in the countries that have anthems that were their favorites.
She had to move his tent, open-fronted to catch any breeze, four times a day so his family would always be in shade.
Choose plants while they're in bloom if you require a particular shade of blue.
Match gems that correspond to the enemy's shade and it'll slow their progress.
When such practices shade into dishonesty is itself a shady area.
Cottonwood is blessed with a perennial stream and a cluster of grand old cottonwood trees for shade.
Bring a blanket to spread under a large shade tree, and your laptop.
While listening, half of the test subjects were also required to shade in shapes on a piece of paper.
Although they grow buttonhole carnations in every shade of cream, the real money is in red roses.
Perform best in shade but will tolerate sun in cool-summer climates.
Using water current and the fish's inclination to seek shade and deeper water, the fingerlings are funneled through a gate.
If confined, makes a good ground cover in partial shade.
If you want a lighter shade remove some of the dye before adding the water.
Even the precise shade of her skin colour may have helped him at the polls.
To do this, they should click the water that has a darker shade of blue.
Plants are effective in shade with bamboo and large-leafed ferns but will survive in dry, sunny spots.
See if your app lets you change the white background to a shade of cool yellow.
Different shade and a variety of colours can help prevent forgeries and fakes.
Trees once threw broken shade for the entire three-mile walk to a main road.
Copying output was a shade faster than printing, but not by much.
Many registration centres consisted of little more than a plastic table, a laptop and an umbrella for shade.
Animals eat the plants growing in the saguaro's shade.
These projects cost tens of million dollars and provide shade for cars from hot summer sun.
Withstands heavy shade and is widely used under trees add to my plant list.
Mule deer and other animals eat the tender plants that grow in its shade.
In summer, you can replace the cover with shade cloth or lath, creating a nursery for cuttings.
These branches should be well spaced along the trunk and should radiate in different directions so they don't shade each other.
For a peek behind the scenes in the shade of wet laundry, venture down a few side streets.
Each is fitted with a roof for shade, a large motor on deck and a huge suction pipe running from the stern into the water.
They are perfectly uniform in size, shape and shade of yellow.
The line was in the shade, fortunately, but it was still really hot.
The village was founded in the shade of an old, mature rubber plantation.
She often leaves out a detail or two, omissions that change the shade of the story.
He came with the cool breeze of late night or on days so hot that even the hummingbird stayed still in the shade.
The workers on break sat in the shade of an awning, sipping cold drinks and chatting.
Carefully examine the shade of brown in the cup, which should directly correlate to preparation method.
But reality well she be a slightly different shade o' perception.
His company's version is dark blue and can blend with ordinary shingles of a similar shade.
They bask in the sun to heat up and lounge in the shade to cool down.
They are getting a little tired, so they sit down with you in the shade.
As an option, they can shade the locations with colored pencils.
The lush gardens are made and nurtured by humans, providing much needed shade to guests and what seems to be thousands of birds.
On the weekends you can have a picnic or simply relax in the shade.
It was lunch hour at the dig site, and the workers had gone to eat in the shade.
With his only friend, a dog warming him up, lying under a coconut-tree shade.
Nevertheless, she took me on, and proceeded to give me an education that put the whole of my previous schooling in the shade.
There, she lived in the shade of a tree for two years.
These have awnings covered in solar cells which will shade its employees' cars and simultaneously recharge them.
The test paper has turned an ominous shade of ochre, suggesting arsenic up to four times the allowable limit.
He began to have lustful thoughts and pulling down the shade of the window closed his eyes and turned his face to the wall.
Dim with the mist of years, gray flits the shade of power.
Shade writes his autobiographical poem in exactly the same spirit.
They were wonderful for their blissful shade, to climb, to simply stare at and admire.
Hand-dyed anemones shade from pale violet to deep purple.
The landscape is bleak, no trees, no shade as far as the eye can see.
The sick huddled in the shade in wheelchairs or rested on cots.
The shade is in striking contrast to his pasty tv makeup.
It's oriented to capture sun and shade, and its concrete floors and concrete interior wall hold the heat.
And, even worse, it had turned a deathly shade of pink.
When it does, dairy farmers make sure their cows have plenty of water and shade and know to expect less milk.
Vines can also shade walls during their first growing season.

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