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They do nothing but pig out all winter on shad and perch.
Cast in shallow waters where the threadfin shad tend to linger, especially right before the temperature starts to drop.
Try trolling with live anchovies or shad, or lures and spoons that mimic shad.
IT is not quite spring yet, but shad and shad roe are already in the market.
Shad has a rich yet delicately flavored flesh that is best with a sauce that has some acid: vinegar, lemon or dry white wine.
But if the crocuses are inevitable, the burgeoning shad population is not.
However, unlike the other prey fish mentioned here, gizzard shad are only vulnerable to predation during the early life stages.
Fresh shad or dead minnows will also work but the smellier the better.
Shad caught beyond this number should be returned to the water.
Cut gizzard shad, big threadfin shad, and white perch seem to be the best baits.

Famous quotes containing the word shad

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Salmon, shad, and alewives were formerly abundant here, and taken in weirs by the Indians ... until the dam... more
Poor shad! where is thy redress? When Nature gave thee instinct, gave she thee the heart to bear thy fate? ... more
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