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He still lives worse than they do, in a shabby rented house crammed with compatriots.
The memorials are still magnificent, but the park grounds are looking shabby.
The specs aren't too shabby either, although everything is based on last year's standards.
Choosing between conflicting committee meetings may be shabby consolation to the overcommitted, but it's a luxury all the same.
The shabby chic table opposite, for instance, is in my zip code range and seriously tempting.
In real life, wireless speakers tend to sound kind of shabby.
It grieves for lost influence, or fears the imminent loss of influence, and it shudders at an increasingly shabby present.
Their shabby corporate governance and their dominance of the economy were widely criticised.
May look a bit shabby in winter but revives rapidly in spring add to my plant list.
It's a really shabby way for the government to treat these guys who were drafted.
Many are shabby and a long way from shops, jobs and power.
The boxes will be by far the prettiest part of my car which looks kind of shabby in comparison.
All sorts of colleges seem to have been guilty of shabby marketing.
The punch-code lock on the shabby aluminum door wouldn't stop anyone serious about breaking in.
The eighth district has become a magnet for trendy bohemians, mixing soulful chic and shabby bourgeois.
The hotel was continually losing patronage because of its shabbiness and she thought of herself as also shabby.
His cynical breaking of a promise to be bound by federal campaign-finance limits was shabby by any standards.
None too shabby, but it left room for improvement, apparently.
Yet the magic that wreathes their names and histories barely survives contact with those cities' shabby, dusty reality.
The background environment throughout the photo spread is shabby.
He was exactly the way he is now- shabby, shambling, absentminded.
It is sixteen years old, not exactly shabby but definitely worn.
They are shabby, the bathrooms rarely get cleaned, and the food is always unhealthy and unappealing.
It's a pretty shabby habitat for creatures once displayed so proudly.
When she recognized me, she could hardly hide her surprise at my shabby appearance.
Straightway the door opened, and a shriveled, shabby dwarf entered.
The products rolling out of the factories were generally too shabby for profitable export.
The shots of the park during the day aren't too shabby, either.
They replace some shabby, old houses whose chief appeal was that they did not block my view.
Brant cannot claim that level of renown, but his résumé is not shabby.
The flat was small, and a little shabby, but everywhere you looked there were pictures or small clusters of toys or ceramic vases.
He has his road crew set up a tent with a tiny stage and shabby-chic furniture.
Now decayed and shaky, its tall shabby rooms and its long windows with their newly replaced panes had a certain grandeur.
Even the shabby vaudeville escapade is given a veneer of lofty inspiration.
The hotel accommodations likely are shabby, and you may be required to pay more for an upgrade.
It makes the core of our city look shabby and run down.
The shabby characters willing to provide such services for a fee were not punctual or reliable.
Often, the cruise ship and hotel accommodations are shabby, and you may be required to pay more for an upgrade.
The first and second courthouses were log buildings and rather shabby.

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