shīn in a sentence

Example sentences for shīn

One part will be attached to the end of your thigh bone and the other part will be attached to your shin bone.
On the soccer field, a searing kick to the shin is inevitable.
Wearing plastic bags around their legs, they bunched together and waded shin-deep through the filthy water.
His left leg ended in a piece of jagged, shockingly white shin bone.
He steps all over her feet, tries out trick steps and kicks her in the shin every so often.
The foot had on a work boot and the shin was wearing work pants.
But its long arms, and some features of its feet and shin bones, are similar to those of a chimpanzee.
The authors of the two books here reviewed belong squarely in the shin camp.
With an encouraging smile, a co-worker pulled up a trouser leg to reveal his own scarred shin.
He explained that there were still pieces of shrapnel from a home-made bomb lodged in his knee and shin, waiting to be removed.
Shin's research is widely cited in hundreds of studies and peer-reviewed papers.
They fall down and grab their shin and writhe on the ground when an opposing player is barely in the same zip code.
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