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The guy running the snake down our sewer looks matter-of-fact.
The story begins with an exploding sewer and a manhole cover flying through the air which cuts off the head of a priest.
Thus, they found that the clay pipe leading from my house to the city sewer line had been severed.
In winter, pools of water form slippery ponds of ice leaking from the ruptured water and sewer lines.
Water and sewer lines were buried beneath the crooked lanes.
He led the survivors out of the burning area through the city sewer system.
But somehow, in making the leap from sewer to salon, pop music has ceased to be an adventure.
The dark, unventilated bedroom is going with them, and the open sewer.
Steam rises as if from sewer grates, and dancers materialize while you're intrigued by events elsewhere on the stage.
Many of these new housing units are still unoccupied, as they await connections to new sewer and electrical grids.
They put it back in their car, or they throw it down the sewer.
Well, see, you have to understand--it's about the sewer system.
Homes rebuilt without permits or inspections, now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines.
The shelter will have wood-heated steam baths, a gravity-fed sewer system and a permafrost-chilled cellar.
Sometimes technologists need to get in the gutter--or the sewer.
Although it makes sense to have only one water and sewer system.
Many were built on flood plains, meaning residents are stuck in a mosquito-infested open sewer after every heavy rain.
Head to the guy on the milk crate on the corner, next to the open sewer.
It smells of mildew, of broken sewer pipes, and of the decaying bodies still trapped under the wreckage.
Even stranger things turn up below, in the sewer system.
Sewer workers have always died on the job, and they still die, no matter how advanced the infrastructure.
The park also does not offer sites with any electric, water or sewer connections.
All sites have full hookups, including some with two sewer connections.
There are electric, water and sewer hookups available.
Each campsite has water hookups and electrical connections with four of the sites having sewer service.
The campground has well-spaced sites, each with electric and water, and select sites have sewer service.
Boat slips offer sewer pumping stations and cable and telephone service.
Significant sewer and water system repairs for years.
Water and sewer connection fee roll-back expiration.
When a sewer overflows, it is usually the result of inappropriate materials in the sanitary sewer system.

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