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Seven steps connect the deck's three levels to a small ground-level patio with a portable fireplace.
Or rent one of seven kayaks to explore the nooks and crannies of the protected cove.
Most sleep two or three, but seven units have kitchens and sleep three to seven.
Seven years in the making, this hedge maze is worth studying.
It degrades in ultra-violet light but provides control on plant surfaces for up to seven days.
There will soon be seven billion people on the planet.
Then, they will listen to stories set in each of the seven continents to identify geographic characteristics of each place.
She wears a crown with seven rays in it, representing the seven seas and continents.
Select seven students to stand before a large wall map of the world.
Have students watch the video again, this time reflecting on the seven characteristics of ritual described above.
Scientists have invented a backpack that creates enough electricity to power seven portable gadgets at once.
Instead, he says, the seven are guilty of negligence because they did not take the risk of a big quake seriously enough.
It accounts for one in seven minutes spent online worldwide.
Our weekly round-up of things to watch out for in the next seven days.
Curiously, though, they have a similar bias towards seven-dimensions.
But after the trial, no fewer than seven of the nine recanted.
Seven years ago the economy was weak and unemployment was high.
Seven-figure salaries could become more common in higher education as colleges try to attract top talent.
It took me nine years and seven months to complete mine.
About a third had a high school diploma, and only seven percent had been to college or earned a degree.
Fifty-seven percent of students who never use e-books say it is because they don't know where to find them.
They then had a panel rate the funniness of those captions on a scale from one to seven.
Each created an image to be etched into the seven layers of plywood that make up a skateboard deck.
These creatures are grown in vast sheds with no natural light over the course of six to seven weeks.
Seven billion people is a tough number to truly comprehend.
The population is, tipping the scale now at nearly seven billion people.
Bacteria on the rise may be filling the ecological void left by the decline in the vaccine's seven pneumococcus strains.
Six of seven birds tested used the short stick to reach a longer one, which they then used to get their treat.
Seven years later, he got the idea for his next adventure.
Sample seven snacks that will fire up your energy.
The reason why the seven stars are no more than seven is a pretty reason.
But until last week, those questions had been unanswered for seven years.
Here are seven ideas to boost entrepreneurship and help creative people move from starting a company to building a company.
Remember, your license plate must have seven or fewer capital letters and/or digits.
He'll probably muddle through seven more years of partisan acrimony, small-bore achievements, and bitter disappointment.
Seven thousand owe no federal individual income tax.
Held without charges for seven years, he was finally freed when a federal judge reviewed the evidence against him.
He'll have seven minutes in which to make four identical drinks as a technical judge scrutinizes his every move.
And though the food might be light, the meals are lengthy, with many of the restaurants geared to serve five to seven courses.
Seven-plus pounds of pork shoulder is both majestic and humble.
What is left is the precious cream of seven bitter years.
Seven years after its founding, the lab has yet to make any real breakthroughs.
The team started with a seven-inch, commercial, single-input touch screen.
The companies laid out seven major points that they hoped the legislation would address.
The resulting algorithm is based on seven proteins and metabolites present in blood.
Instead of pre-arranging the cards, you shuffle the pack and then ask your friend to draw seven cards.
One hundred and twenty-seven hours is how long he will spend at the bottom of the canyon.
And there were borne unto him seven sons and three daughters.
He has set more world records than anyone ever has: three hundred and sixty-seven.
He is thirty-seven, yet he projects a twitchy energy that makes him seem at home in the youthful hip-hop world.
Federal agents and the army have poured in during the same twenty-seven-month period, and as they arrive the killings rise.
The numerals on a digital clock are each made up of some combination of seven line segments, as shown above.
Seventy years ago, this seven-foot-tall, smoking robot was the future incarnate.
He also survived and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.
Whether faces can express any more than these seven emotions is a matter of some debate.
Before and after, the subjects rated the scenarios on a seven-point scale, ranging from morally forbidden to morally permissible.
Since bees excrete only outside the hive, they held it in for seven days.
Scientists figure there's one chance in seven of its happening again in the lifetime of anyone who lives in the vicinity.
They were exposed to the radiation for two hours a day over seven to nine months.
By now he has spent ten years in prison, seven of them in solitary confinement.
Some speculate that he will get about five years, others say seven or eight.
He arrives at the office at seven in the morning and typically doesn't leave until around seven or eight in the evening.
The co-op has seven full-time employees and four computers.
As he would announce at a press conference that day, it had been seven years since she interviewed him as the bank's new chief.
To wit, repainting the interiors took seven years, and rewiring took another seven years.
If you've seen the previous seven installments, nothing will stop you from seeing the eighth.
Here are seven suggestions to help you stay a bit safer as you work.

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