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Example sentences for settling tank

The screened wastewater flows into a primary settling tank where it is held for several hours.
The spill resulted from an overflow of the ship's fuel oil settling tank during an internal fuel transfer.
The first tank flows into a second settling tank, allowing for additional settling.
Water used to wash potatoes and asparagus flows into a settling tank to allow dirt and debris to settle to the bottom of the tank.
Covers and odor control equipment were also installed at the primary settling tank influent channel.
The pretreatment train consists of an in-line static mixer, a settling tank and a clarifier.
The impacted groundwater is then routed through a sump and is pumped to a settling tank.
The overflow from the settling tank contains the alumina in solution, which is further clarified by filtration and then cooled.
The insoluble zinc calcine is separated from the leaching solution in a settling tank.
In a settling tank, the iodine containing brine settles to the bottom and the oil rises to the top.
The bacteria clumps together and settles to the bottom of the settling tank and forms sludge.
The water is then routed to a settling tank where the heavy metals in the water sink to the tank bottom.
It will basically consist of a gravity settling tank and a slow sa nd filter.
If the water is not clear, solids must be filtered or settled out by pumping to a settling tank prior to discharge.
Wash water all runs into a centered drain that empties into a precast cement, in-ground settling tank.
The filter press filtrate is pumped to a settling tank in order to reclaim the fish oil.
The wastewater is held in the final settling tank until heavier sludge materials have settled.
The pond is emptied back into the settling tank once cleaning operations have been completed.
From the cooling tower, the wort flows into a second settling tank, where additional protein material is separated and removed.
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