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Some people view a swarm of bees settling on their property as a blessing.
People are still pushing into the room, filling the chairs and settling themselves cross-legged on the floor.
Such findings argue against settling the area, environmental advocates say.
Amtrak fared better by running empty trains to prevent fresh snow settling on the tracks.
Settling contempt-of-court actions and defamation suits from leading politicians is costly.
And the third, in effect, is settling on an appropriate basis of comparison.
Arguments over land reform and human rights need settling.
Yet however prosaic the efforts of the two leaders, politics is not merely settling into predictable patterns after the riots.
Settling for what is good enough, rather than the best that is possible.
He swung open the door of his truck, settling into his seat.
It is a great reference for school, for satisfying your curiosity or for settling bets with friends.
New experiments are settling a century-long debate between two camps over how neurons communicate.
Now new research suggests a potential addition to the list of tactics involved in settling down for a long winter's nap.
Settling down also meant that our ancestors were forced into contact with more people in a smaller area.
The results are also much more predictable than those obtained by natural settling.
Perhaps it is because they eat the food that pathogens need to establish and in doing so prevent them from settling our shores.
Many of the birds that did survive relocated into the interior of the island, settling into evacuated villages.
Fertilizer runoff can be recaptured by diverting a portion of river water into settling ponds or marshland behind levees.
Settling into my new apartment home, my new office space and learning my way around campus and town.
The university wants to block the agency from settling the case by greatly expanding federal regulation.
Not pursuing an academic career can be seen as settling for second best, if not downright failure.
Sure, it would put pressure on settling a labor dispute but it could also put some people out of work.
The agreement settling the lawsuit also forbids the parties to disparage one another.
Criticism is silently belittled as political disagreement, a settling of scores, as vindictive.
Questions should pertain to reasons for settling in their present hometown.
All around us orphans and keepers are settling in for the night.
It's an observatory ritual to feed the foxes and watch the sun go down before settling in for a night of star watching.
For humans these enhanced social skills have enabled us to spread far and wide, settling in every corner of the world.
It was, at first, a pleasure as delicious as settling slowly into warm bath water.
Check with several hotels to see what they offer for free before settling on a place to stay.
News readers vary slightly in how they look and act, so you may find yourself testing several before settling on one.
Our journey has never been one of shortcuts or settling for less.
Fruit, when added to cake, is usually floured to prevent its settling to the bottom.
The verse, still of the same general character, is settling down towards blank verse only and that blank verse free.
The settling of stationing cleaning is one way not to shatter scatter and scattering.
In the old-fashioned way of settling disputes, they went to law.
Stem cells tend to migrate throughout the brain, settling in damaged areas and initiating repair.
But this crowded family-style restaurant, with its high-walled wooden booths and sawdust-covered floors, isn't about settling in.
It will be merely settling an open question of law as every court frequently does.
His current actions indicate, that he continues to move toward settling as much land as possible.
To make matters worse, a ceiling of cloud began to form as the wind quickened, settling in at about eleven thousand feet.
Although starts are a little bit noisier than permits, they're also settling at about the same rate as permits.
Some of this was the inevitable settling of expectations.
Though their spirit was high, a grimmer reality was settling in-that things are only going to get less comfortable.
He seemed to be having far too good a time to think of settling down to warmed slippers and bedtime cocoa.
The relationship had been having its ups and downs for years, settling into ever more negative patterns of fighting.
Cage dabbled in art and architecture before settling on music.
They stay away from shipping and handling, settling payment-that sort of thing.
It moves outside her, holding to the structure of her narrative without settling on a dramatic equivalent for her voice.
Tells about his return home and settling in there and in school.
We were two sombre boys hunched in our coats, grim winter settling in.
At times, it seemed she was more concerned with settling scores than announcing a winner.
Settling for a tolerable short-term future, newspapers could end up writing themselves out of the long-term one.
He'd pulled a muscle while stretching, he'd say, settling down to read the paper.
These are works designed cunningly to resist settling into any final form.
The time span may be modest, settling for solving specific problems in the decade that lies ahead.
All peoples have evolved extraordinarily precise ways of settling issues about the things that matter to them.
In settling disputes a gladiatorial duel would be better than a war.
They are yawning and settling down to rest until spring.
But far from settling on a single answer, the researchers are in a pitched debate over music.
Rather than settling the controversy, the close vote cranked it up.
As soon as small groups begin settling, innate behaviours could become dominance.
Again, picture a hydrothermal vent, with organic compounds settling on clay crystals lining the fissures.
The time between the outer parts settling down and the inner parts doing their thing can be fairly short.
Either way, it landed in a shallow pool of water, settling on the muddy bottom before taking off again.
He may vacillate awhile longer, perhaps even ultimately settling on a third troop, but he has begun his transfer into adulthood.
But there is another reason for settling space: redundancy.
It was a time during which she and her family were settling in to a new relationship and a new routine.
They've observed aphids settling on leaves, for instance, and have measured how red the leaves are.
Even earlier, sedimentary rocks were forming from silt settling at the bottom of lakes or seas.
Hardly anyone these days recommends punching and slapping as a way of settling marital disputes.
With fewer jobs to go around, older workers are settling for jobs that used to go to teens.
Settling your credit card debt without spending a whole lot of green.
The aerated wastewater then flows to the final settling tanks which are similar to the primary settling tanks.

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