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For him an opera's setting was not merely background but the defining element of its musical and dramatic nature.
The counter has plenty of space for setting out buffet items as well as tableware.
Most of the work in raising chickens is setting up their space.
As a fashion designer, you're accustomed to setting trends.
The museum offers a serene setting for quiet reflection and learning.
There is no way to accomplish that feat in a restaurant setting, however upscale.
We'd usually give the kids some jobs, setting the table or helping with cleanup.
Yet its defining feature remains its breathtaking setting.
As to hunting from helicopters, the money would be better spent setting out the large live traps.
After setting his bones, doctors expected him to go home in a few weeks.
Before setting off on his voyage, he laid in a store of hawk's bells.
He was flabbergasted, not only by the scale of the projects but also by the audacity of their setting.
The tile interface is plenty intuitive, so you probably won't need an instruction manual when you're setting up the phone.
But it would be the first time the technology was put to the test in a legal setting.
There is a quick-cook setting on the unit, but it should be said that this isn't a cooker for instant rice gratification.
It's a unique setting, one that leaves plenty of room for interesting twists and turns in the plot.
It was part of a lifelong pattern of setting and fulfilling astronomical standards.
He did it without so much as setting foot in a wood shop.
Demonstrated excellence in conducting and teaching in a collegiate setting.
If you want your group to fail, put minimal attention into planning and goal setting.
As summer begins, many of us are reviewing our to-do lists and setting goals for the next couple of months.
Setting the timer keeps me from doing laundry, washing dishes, and walking the dog.
The model shows that the academic integrity of college courses can be maintained in the high-school setting.
Setting your mind on a goal may be counterproductive.
Prior to calibrating a monitor, it is critical to tell the calibration software which gamma setting you wish to use.
There should exist an agency that manages the entire aquifer setting flow rates, spacing and testing for contamination.
Estimating the long-term effects is critical to setting effective policies that ensure food security.
The light from the setting sun scatters against a mist of ammonia crystals, forming a sun dog.
Still, the lush cover photography of a verdant table setting and a bowl of farm-fresh eggs drew me in.
Now they are setting up hospice to come into th house.
Nor are blinks in that setting occurring due to a conscious, anticipatory thought process.
The setting was so perfect, so inviting to be captured.
The heat is not only melting glaciers and sea ice, it's also shifting precipitation patterns and setting animals on the move.
The flashlight highlighted the anemone's dazzling luminance, while the setting sun added a sense of atmosphere.
During this time they will learn to hunt before setting out on their own.
These moments feel even more powerful because of the setting.
The new skeleton is thought to be complete and was likely preserved by its cave setting.
Tribes whose lands were once taken from them are setting an example for how to restore the environment.
We are well on our way to setting a record for the largest collection of clothes to recycle.
One day kids learn about camping-setting up a tent, taking a hike.
The planet will be visible all night long, rising in the east at sunset and setting in the west around sunrise.
Such goal setting is widely considered to be a powerful way to motivate employees and boost their productivity.
Now it seems on the verge of setting up its own aid-giving body.
Which may be one reason why, as a setting, it lends itself so well to the imagination of thriller writers.
Indeed the collapse of oil prices, one of the few reasons around for economic cheer, may be setting the stage for another spike.
Yet in this unpromising setting, some positive signs are visible.
Setting itself, but not the market, alight wheelers.
Advertising firms already film how people react to ads, usually in an artificial setting.
Then again, private investors may not be setting the price.
Amid the hum of activity, dozens of people bustled about, setting out food and drink for their dead loved ones with great care.
My mind might disagree, but in this setting it was difficult for my heart to follow.
They operate in a political setting, and they evolve in a reflexive fashion.
The home setting is more familiar, comfortable, and relaxing.
All three chains are, in their different ways, raising the bar for food quality in a quick-service setting.
Before the positions were widely popular, he advocated setting term limits and abolishing the income tax.
Such profiles, in powered airplanes, greatly reduce fuel consumption and allow a higher speed for any given power setting.
Actually, setting guidelines for good old boys with guns could be the easy part.
Continue to feed dough through rollers once at each setting, without folding, until you reach narrowest setting.
Most problematic was the danger of a spark at the bottom of the pan setting the box on fire.
Consider setting up automatic bill payment from your checking or savings account.
Setting up a tent is one of the first things many people do after selecting a campsite.
The onsite restaurant with garden terrace serves regional cuisine in a cozy country home setting.
Not a bad gig for the actors, who film on location in a tropical setting.
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.
Some people surrender control altogether, setting their player to shuffle.
Then, when it's all over but the belching, you can pay by setting your cellphone on the right square.
Thats the point of it sensing things and setting itself.
If the user agrees two times, the setting is remembered and they are not asked again.
And that's the important question, from the standpoint of setting safety standards.
And again, the option of setting a date for withdrawal is a date for surrender.
Setting up their phone service, the writer was told that there would be an extra fee for an unlisted number.
The movie unfolds in a modern setting, and in modern dress.
He looked quickly around before setting his case down on the small table next to the couch.
It would invite dozens of matched couples to singles parties, knowing that people might be more comfortable in a group setting.
Happy to hear this in any setting, and the presentation is great.
To forge a warm bond with a work of art in such a setting takes forceful concentration.
What you've got is a setting, and a piece of history.
It's important, however, to step back and ask how important these dodgy financial practices were in setting the stage for crisis.
Army units would form a perimeter around a town, setting up roadblocks.
Researchers say a wandering mind may be important to setting goals, making discoveries, and living a balanced life.
The lights run for four hours on their brightest setting after charging in the sun all day.
The transistor sparked the revolution in electronics, setting the technology on its path of miniaturization and ubiquity.
So consider a gene that has plasticity such that in one setting an individual carrying that gene becomes reproductive.
As the density increased, the distance between the nuclei decreased, setting off a chain reaction.
At a time when the world is paying attention to a species in crisis, our country is not exactly setting a good example.
The hagfish releases a quick-setting slime that clogs up the predator's gills, causing it to gag, choke and flee.
The sun is setting to her right, as you would expect for a crescent moon behind her.
One such alteration was setting the story in the modern day, saving investors millions in period sets and costumes.
Those restaurants were so beautiful, and people felt they had to live up to the elegance of the setting.
When you set out to make a movie, you're setting the tone or the mood for your entire year.
It's way different here, because it's a country setting.
With this new setting, it is no longer necessary to turn and look into the blind zones.
And billions of dollars are spent in setting them up, bringing in cars and equipment and staffing the stands.

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