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Also, check with local officials on property line setback requirements.
Science suffers a setback and leads to a breakthrough.
Certain factors can cause dry eyes, which in my case caused a major setback on two different occasions.
It was a setback for play advocates and made researchers wonder whether the field was based on science or sentimental hype.
It seems likely that this is not a temporary setback in academic employment.
In private industry, by contrast, losing a job is often a manageable setback.
Despite this apparent setback, intelligence testing and the line of thinking that underlies it have actually triumphed.
But second of all, it's potentially a really big setback to making the case effectively.
Another setback could make the difficult impossible.
The decision is a setback in environmentalists' campaign to link endangered species protection and climate policy.
Another setback to the idea of consumer rationality.
Yet failure to ratify it would be a serious setback.
It is also a setback to his plans to reform the army.
The snub was the latest setback in a relationship undergoing strains on several fronts.
But the controversy is still a setback for his foreign policy.
The government has only itself to blame for this setback.
Though serious, that setback proved short-lived and the chairman's reputation has steadily risen since last summer.
But he also admits to a driving ambition, which an early setback did little to dent.
The biggest setback has been in private defined-benefit schemes, which pay pensions linked to years of service and final salaries.
Nor has this latest delay been the only setback of the summer.
No matter what the setback, it is seen as a solution waiting to be found rather than a problem.
Despite this heartbreaking setback the space shuttle is once again flying regularly.
Bush admin regroups after setback in terror policies.
So the epidemic suffered a setback but was not halted.
The first setback came when when they discovered that the supporting pillars were filled with cement.
Madame did not experience the rebuke as an extraordinary setback.
While nothing appears to be wrong with the rocket itself, the failure is a setback.
While tele-surgery may not yet be ready for prime time, it's only a temporary setback.
Clayton, who usually studies lice on bird feathers, stumbled onto his solution after a major research setback.
It imparted harm and a setback to the advancement of civilization, to be certain.
We should not see it as a setback, but as an opportunity to educate.
It would also be a big setback and loss to astronomy worldwide.
We're looking at probably a decade long setback in space exploration.
It would be a setback for basic rights that would extend the struggle for decades.
Every point of ratings it gives up has come to represent a setback for that tradition.
Maybe now, after the shock of a professional setback, you'll be able to come up with a voice to match it.
There was no doubt that this was a serious setback to the defense.
The reasons for this setback are not yet entirely clear.
Youthful high spirits and efficiency caused a setback which might have destroyed a frailer temperament.
Two thousand five hundred killed is a staggering setback to a life-hungry society.
Hence if the criterion is cost in this sense, the demonstration would have to be regarded as a serious setback.
The task of the revolutionary propagandist, at a temporary setback, is to show that his zeal is undiminished.
It ended with a setback for the independent society and a disaster for the totalitarian state.
Setback and clear zone requirements without maintenance.
The zoning must be determined prior to obtaining the setback requirements.
The setback left business leaders and jet-setters abuzz over the billionaire's misfortunes.

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