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You'll avoid a lot of problems by getting things set up the right way right from the start.
Once you've got your boards, they literally take five minutes to set up-no tools needed.
Set up grinder according to manufacturer's instructions, using the coarse plate or setting.
He also set up agricultural and construction companies.
So it set up an innovation team in which battery specialists regularly talked to brake specialists.
To prevent overfishing and to allow fish stocks to rebuild, federal officials set up a new regulation system last year.
There they will set up market stalls and sell their wares to the public.
Jobs by email are easy to set up and could give you a valuable edge in finding your next job.
But first, you'd better do some research into how museum exhibits are set up.
Bingham set up his tripod and camera that day and spent the afternoon photographing.
It took a few hours to build up the jump, consider all the safety precautions, and set up flashes.
Before you set up your shot, try planting a stick in the ground and tether the flora to it for stability.
They set up a temporary theater under a bridge with bamboo sticks.
Students can see a diagram of how these hydrophones are set up.
Set up a recycling can or bin in your kitchen, in an out-of-the-way location.
Your tent and an outdoor living area are set up when you arrive at camp each day.
Wild tigers have even been wiped out in several reserves set up to protect them.
Two finless calves have been born at the aquarium since it was set up two years ago.
Set up a car-pooling information board that connects workers who travel along similar routes.
He set up a makeshift studio in an empty storefront across the street from where he lived.
His long drives set up easy approach shots, which set up birdie putts, which he made more often than he missed.
Recently cameras have been set up by a independent owner, hoping to catch it on wildlife cam.
In another, vendors have set up tents on the ice to sell snacks.
Many of the neighbors of all ages would congregate at dusk, set up deck chairs, sip lemonade and enjoy the spectacle.
They even set up a may-pole, and sang and danced around it.
So in these early days, when a press was set up usually a few books were soon issued.
And thus what a monarchy he hath set up, let him and his disciples consider.
He was skilful enough to have lived still, if knowledge could be set up against mortality.
It takes a bit of time to set up initially, but then it makes things much easier for each subsequent semester.
Thus, both students and faculty members are set up for failure.
Students set up another free speech wall, this time taping over any language that could be deemed offensive.
The initial set-up was quick and easy, taking a maximum of fifteen minutes to set up approximately twenty student accounts.
If all you want to do is to set up a single feed for a site, you don't even need to register.
In contrast to their private counterparts, they are already set up to produce creative people and new ideas on the scale required.
But sometimes things aren't set up properly, and the angle may be off.
It's easy to set up a notebook for each course you teach and collect ideas there.
Extremely easy to set up, especially remote-admin features.
For the people you do add, set up two lists: one for mere contacts and the other for actual pals.
He set up some simulations to test the card-counting technique and found that a player could, in fact, get the edge.
Choose a flat open space to set up your camping tent.
Property owners do not have to share any personal information or set up a profile in order to advertise their homes.
The locals set up a large grill in the town center and there is medieval pageantry along with grilled boar dishes.
Once the last piece of machinery was gone, the throng moved to folding chairs set up around a fenced ring inside the barn.
On the other hand, it may be possible to set up a few signposts.
Even as leaders converge on some answers, new markets are being set up to preempt politics.
Authorities were carefully watching levees set up around some communities to hold back floodwaters.
Homeowners should set up a water purification system if they do plan to use rainwater for interior needs.
The researchers set up an experiment to measure the brain activity of volunteers as they gambled.
Someone should set up a fund strictly for the conservation of unappealing animals.
Thinking this was an isolated event, he went back, set up some more camera traps and waited.
Scientists set up an avian casino in which pigeons could place their bets on one of two symbols.
They should set up a web site for donations if they don't have one set up.
Me and my dad recently set up a magnet power generator our house.
Facilitate the transfer of these companies while the business owner is alive, or set up a trust with the kids.
There's a lot of expertise in the rest of the world when it comes to the questions of how to set up and run a post bank.
Joseph, who is nothing if not relentless, set up a second meeting and made the sale.
For renters, it's a stream of revenue that would have been harder to secure without a formal company to set up the transaction.
Both countries, though ruled as autocratic sheikhdoms, have set up quasi-representative consultative bodies.
They'd be set up for failure, in ways big and small, if they entered the profession.
They play doubles as if they were a single organism, rarely saying a word or using hand signals to set up a shot.
He set up a one-room flour mill, run off a condemned electric motor-condemned by him.
But he was active in a neighborhood patrol set up to repel white intruders.
There's a barrier between people riding the subway-eyes are averted, a wall is set up.
To set up a private connection requires permission from the government, which is rarely granted.
As a countermeasure, camp brothels were set up, and the task of punishment was delegated to specially selected prisoners.
In many respects the school she set up was a success.
He decided to set up a sub-business dedicated to commerce rather than ideals.
It is temperature-controlled, with all modern communications set up.
Informal retail paid off the city council, set up shacks and mobile shops, and overwhelmed the city.
Two rows of blue canvas folding chairs have been set up facing the lake.
Then they kept going, right into the water, and set up an elaborate system of underwater test tubes.
Sixty years of government-funded basic research has set up a potential revolution in our approach to disease.
It took them two weeks to get set up, then they filmed this in one night.
It means that there is time to set up measures that limit further exposure and to screen people who might already be affected.
Richie came next and set up his blood pressure monitor.
Get there, set up shop, figure out how to establish life there and then sustain it.
It's actually set up in a clever fashion, where people can vote up or down on specific answers.
Lucent has set up a probe and is expected to release its findings this fall.
The physicists set up a video camera and repeated the experiment--with the same explosive results.
Then they set up controls to filter out misleading behavior.
For people who were unable to set up social networks in real life.
So a search targeting those stars with planets has been set up.
And getting a new account set up can take days and may be difficult once a company's been banned.
The moral seems to be that really innovative ideas don't get funded-that the system is set up to exclude them.
Foster also set up the same experiment using mice with normal eyes.
There are an infinite number of ways the initial universe could have been set up.
High-bandwidth links were set up for intelligence units in the field.
The drivetrain is set up in such a way that braking produces energy for the battery.
Improving technologies set up a strange counterbalance for people with prothetic limbs.
The second advantage is the ease with which it can be set up.
The thermal material interfaces through some type of radiator set up to heat water to turn the turbines.
If a soldier has set up a network of cameras, for example, he or she needs to react to the video as quickly as possible.
On the other hand, it largely works as advertised and it's easy to set up.
Nissan was set up to produce a higher number during the time in question.
Once the card is set up, the user simply snaps it into the camera.
The client-server model has been so successful because it's fairly easy to understand, set up, and maintain.
The field was set up with one end zone in left field and the other by the dugout on the first base side of the field.
Below are examples of typical meeting room set up styles.
These guidelines will help you set up your computer workstation so you are comfortable when you work.
Merchandise displayers and window dressers, or visual merchandisers, plan and set up windows and interiors of retail stores.
Broadcast technicians set up, operate, and maintain electrical equipment.
And they set up rainy-day funds with leftover tax revenue, if you can imagine such a thing.

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