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Transfer the opened clams with a pair of chopsticks or tongs to a warm serving platter and keep warm.
Many ranchers supplement their incomes by serving as outfitters or guides, packing hunters into the backcountry.
One of the two roadside restaurants is serving paca-a large rodent that is remarkably tasty fried.
Have students write menus that list the foods they will be serving.
He remains the icon of righteousness, and the qualities that make him so keep serving as a guiding light to others.
Indigenous subjects and themes are often pushed to the margins or end up serving as a backdrop for non-native storylines.
Place the fries on top of a mound of cheese curds on a serving plate.
Best when refrigerated one to three days before serving.
Pound veal until one-fourth inch thick and cut in pieces for serving.
Remove to serving dish, place a paper frill on each chop, and garnish with parsley.
Put in serving dish and cover with top made of puff paste.
Place a whole baked ham in the oven fifteen minutes before serving time, that outside fat may be heated.
Every opportunity of serving others he regarded as his happiness and gain.
The outer stalks of celery, often not suitable for serving, should be saved for soups.
Her war was spent serving food, not dodging bullets.
The airport is primarily a regional airport serving the hubs of major airlines.
Plus, there are a variety of restaurants serving an array of cuisines to suit locals and visitors alike.
Ladle into bowls and top each serving with a dollop of roasted tomatillo relish.
Remove the chicken from the skewers to a serving platter and serve with white rice.
He suggests serving this slow-cooked dish with steamed rice and a cold beer.
The table is made from the same flagstone as the slender serving counter tucked against the wall.
Give your guests options by serving both these sides.
Skewering the shrimp makes them easy to eat and attractive for serving.
We enjoy working with you and look forward to serving your needs in the future.
Try serving these tropical rolls with fruit salad for brunch.
Experience serving as chair of doctoral dissertation committees.
Of the many tasks required of a development professional, serving on search committees ranks among my favorites.
Immediately before serving, add fresh berries to garnish.
We took the single serving bowl to the table, two forks, in the interest of minimalism.
Later in the day families gather for a big meal, with extra care going into presentation and serving a variety of special dishes.
You're in a living space that is serving as a home away from home for a lot of people.
Then you switch the temperature control to chill, and the beer is brought to serving temperature.
It is at this point that the doctors' case seems both self-serving and patronising.
Both industries consist of carriers serving routes on a global network.
Two suggest they are functional-either serving to attract mates or fostering social cohesion and thus collaboration.
Some ministries have stopped serving booze at functions.
Another reform bars serving officers from posts in the cabinet or civil service, which they used to dominate.
Coming from some businessmen such talk might sound self-serving or plain nutty.
Serving in a war carries with it the possibility of being wounded or dying in combat.
They may drop back to the ground state before serving any useful purpose.
Suppose you have six primary devices, each serving a different function.
The polar bear's fur appears white, serving as camouflage against snow and ice.
But besides serving as a stress-coping mechanism, expressive writing produces many physiological benefits.
The serving sizes have grown to tremendous proportions, and no one knew what serving sizes were.
In addition to serving as a chemical messenger, serotonin acts as a growth factor during the first years of life.
So the next time you reach into the dairy case, grab the quart or gallon-size yogurt instead of the single-serving cups.
He did that and was found to have several blockages in two of the three arteries serving his heart.
They began serving freshwater fish or fish trucked in from other regions.
The candy theme also gave him a playful way of serving the duck.
The biographer of a copious self-chronicler has a particular burden: the feeling that he might be serving up leftovers.
To get the freshest serving, plan a late-week supper.
On the other hand, the rest of us gained an unbeatable taco-and-tequila joint serving inventive, unfussy fare.
Describes how his approval has helped gain parole for prisoners serving life sentences.
But, self-serving though the book may be, it offers enough inside information to be a damning read.
The character would be serving the setting, not the other way around.
Eleven fair-sized rubies are inside serving as jewels.
When serving the spiced-pumpkin souffl├ęs, don't forget this warm accompaniment.
And there was brilliance in putting single serving sauces into mini paint-size tubes.
One hour before serving, cut melons into small wedges and peel.
Drain the vegetables and transfer them to a serving dish.
These cookies should set for a while before serving.
They must be hot through and through before serving.
If you're serving sticky ribs or peel-and-eat shrimp at your next dinner party, offer your guests a bowl of limewater.
Many of the marinated vegetables, salads, and other appetizers are made up in the kitchen for immediate serving.
Combine lettuce, watercress, and half of pomegranate seeds in a large serving bowl.
The fuel cell could then run more steadily, serving to keep the battery topped without providing bursts of acceleration.
It's a self-serving statement, of course--but it might also happen to be true.
Serving on a criminal jury exposes one to unpleasant realities about the legal system and human nature.
It will act as the hub of a translation web serving all federal intelligence agencies.
One step is to prohibit physicians and others with conflicts of interest from serving on expert panels.
My self-serving faith in articulacy was reinforced: not merely evidence of intelligence but intelligence itself.
Eventually he was bursar, then auditor of the college, serving fifty years on the faculty.
And she could see her present in a similarly self-serving way.
We had both spent much of our lives in the back of beyond, serving governments that preferred not to have to acknowledge us.
But, the administering of the hot sauce came at a cost to the punisher in direct proportion to serving size.
He also survived and is serving a seven-year prison sentence.
The hotel serving the questionable lasagna used to be a favorite dining haunt for the local police squad.
Perhaps a test using these questions should be given to potential jurors prior to serving on a case.
It does not actually matter so much to the business of quietly getting on and serving your community.
Start requiring the food industry to package or sell non-bulk items in single serving sizes.
So really the only thing you need to do is make sure that the restaurant is serving previously frozen fish.
His arguments are unsound, self-serving, and harmful to economic recovery and financial regulatory reform.
Manufacturers of shopping carts and open-style refrigerated cases were early proponents of customers serving themselves.
In serving his vision of the truth, the artist best serves his nation.
Place the remaining half with the mollusk on a serving plate.
Her war was spent serving food, not dodging bullets.
Cosmetics companies are coming to the rescue with packaging that supplies a single serving of makeup.
Arroyo says they're firmly behind her, but that's clearly not the case if she's arresting serving generals.
The shooting occurred as an anti-drug strike team was serving a warrant.

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