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He had a low slung serviceable tricycle that was much more stable than the original design with its high center gravity.
So let's try this again with a new theme, one that folks might find a little more serviceable: waiters and waitresses.
Color palette could be better although the brushwork is serviceable.
Flying people on solid rockets when perfectly serviceable reusable liquid engines are available is pork, plain and simple.
But one needn't be born with an excellent voice to develop a good, serviceable one.
He must speak of them in a language that is politically serviceable and intelligible.
The guitar fret board and piano keys aren't anywhere near full-size, but they're serviceable.
The supporting cast is serviceable but saddled with on-the-nose dialogue.
Violence is, sadly enough, a perfectly serviceable behavior from a gene's eye view.
Within are the still serviceable remains of an advanced civilization and the humanoid skeletons of its builders.
Maybe that's really all there is, and this once-distinctive voice has transformed into a serviceable director-for-hire.
But the crepuscular theory of history is no less serviceable for being something of a cliché.
We have found that even among ourselves such arrangements are not universally convenient or serviceable.
It was the spirit in those politics he wished to strengthen and make serviceable.
From one loom, a serviceable roll of blue cloth still hangs.
The old planes were noisy and were not fuel efficient, but they were serviceable and tough.
It's a tin-pot dictator with a handful of serviceable aircraft and an antiquated air-defense system.
Theory must always be serviceable for policy, even if its echoes went beyond practical requirements.
Both cities have a serviceable combination of taxis and public transit that keeps the transport problem under control.
No need to come up with new terminology as perfectly serviceable terminology already exists.
Most of those ramps were less than ten years old, and perfectly serviceable.
Of these, it is the lyrics that stand out for their acuteness and ingenuity, while the music is more serviceable than memorable.
His prose, if undistinguished, is serviceable and appears to be his own.
The waitress will slap a plastic bag of serviceable pita bread on the table.
The way is now cleared for a serviceable definition of language.
It cannot be denied there is something highly serviceable to religion in what you advance.
They are simply serviceable cars and trucks that probably won't break down.
The restaurant is fast food style, but clean and serviceable.
The guest accommodations within all three hotels are clean, serviceable accommodations with basic guest amenities.
Make sure fire extinguisher is readily accessible and in good serviceable condition.
To reduce the possibility of failure, equipment must be properly fitted and maintained in a clean and serviceable condition.
One indicator the fire extinguisher is charged and serviceable is the pressure gauge needle will be located in the green.
The weapons were used as long as they were sound and serviceable.
Life jackets must be readily accessible, in good and serviceable condition and sized for the intended wearer.
And the performances are serviceable, but share the script's lack of depth.
The human drama is less searing, though of the serviceable sort one is apt to find in these gaudy spectacles.

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