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It'll take a grizzled hardware veteran to remember when server sales were this low.
At a local restaurant, patrons demean and criticize the server for not bringing them exactly what they want when they want it.
Fortify yourself with a bourbon on the rocks, then ask any server for ghost stories and a quick, informal tour.
Actually the human brain has vastly more computational power than any server on the planet.
Comedians will put their content on whatever server and send it to you specifically.
These folks are now left without any cell service until server loads die down.
Last month, the free ad server unveiled an ad exchange.
Relocate a college's server computers next to a solar-power generator.
Don't leave your tip on the table, instead hand it directly to your server when you pay the bill.
There's probably half a billion dollars in equipment in this picture and probably more in that server room.
One server showed me the special wrist action required to get the candy to stick to the paper cone.
For example, your entire digital humanities project could be derailed by a server failure.
And the firm insisted that it should not be forced to give up server data which amounts to valuable intellectual property.
All orders on our site are processed on our secure server.
It's a brief appearance, when a server darts into the frame to hand plates to a chef.
These occupations are demeaning to both the server and the served.
The server hosting the site puts those coordinates on a map that can be viewed by visitors.
If one server goes down the whole net does not fail.
The best way to get around your company's web blockade is the run a true proxy server.
These have been proven to cause headaches and server eye strain.
Ultimately any name server that is not patched is vulnerable and will probably eventually be attacked.
Many company computers can already work with applications that run on a central server.
The technologies from a pencil to a server compliment.
Our tips will show you how you can manually offload your connection to a less-burdened server.
The server break down of a phone manufacturer would affect the email service to the phone users is unthinkable.
Once the server has responded to the client, that interaction ends.
The process server played his knuckles on the door, fortissimo.
And the boss has access to everything that goes through the server at work.
Finally, if you can afford it, try to send e-mail from your own server.
Its growth has been so pronounced that the site's own server melted down earlier this month.
However, it apparently couldn't connect to the server.
And with no server to go down, the telex system is robust.
The server needs to get the manager or even talk to the chef.
Even first-party games aren't safe from the dreaded server closure.
Emails are the property of the server owner, or in this case, the school.
It dominates its rivals in the areas that matter, the server cloud is ready for new tasks and the cash keeps flowing.
He added that his server was up and running at a different address.
Her work had not been of the sort that wins the server a nation's admiration.
When you place an order, our server encrypts all of your personal information.
With server-based games the hardware on the casino floor is governed by software on a remote server.
As it will be held on a remote server, they will not have to transfer it from device to device.
The company's server will respond automatically with an access code to the unit.
All this compared to creating a file and uploading it to a server.
The server keeps track of every visitor to the web site.
The fingerprints are now being cross-checked at a central server that will remove duplicates, if all goes to plan.
Our server couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.
Some apps set up a connection between the phone and a server under a criminal's control, which is used to send instructions.
Far more common are hierarchical systems known as client-server networks.
Usually that would mean contacting a server controlled by the attackers.
The browser could then be tricked into sending secure messages to both the legitimate server and the malicious proxy.
Second, each musician is directly connected with the other musicians in a jam session, instead of being routed through a server.
We have come almost to a standstill this week because our server crashed.
It's also crucial in the power-hungry server farms that make up the cloud.
Such devices often incorporate tiny computers that need to relay data to a central server.
It will then send this information to a central server, which functions as the clearinghouse for all users' profiles.
There are plenty of technologies for centralized deployment of client applications from a server.
The universal in-box is made possible by cloud software running on a distant server.
The photos can be instantly sent to a cloud server for processing.
But social bots introduce new scale: they run off a server at practically no cost, and can reach thousands of people.
Today, you go online and ask for content by its arbitrary address on a server.
It will go directly to paying back some of the expenses of setting up this site and the server costs involved in keeping it up.

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