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Example sentences for serpentine

Researchers descend by truck through a serpentine mine shaft.
Most modern automobiles have a long, serpentine belt that winds intricately through the engine compartment.
The aroma of fresh-cut cedar lingers in the air at the serpentine wall.
Serpentine soils are known for harboring unusual plant species capable of growing in the soils' naturally toxic conditions.
These are driven by a long serpentine belt attached to the engine.
Four flights you must travel, and then down several serpentine corridors, before you finally come to his office.
Back then, my unit escorted long, serpentine supply convoys through the city.
Vultures appeared beyond the bank, hissing and pecking, claiming places at the dinner table with their serpentine necks.
Hot air balloons float above and mountain bikers zoom along the serpentine paths.
Strange serpentine creatures slither through the vines and leaves.
Starting with edge closest to you, roll dough away from you as if rolling up a sleeping bag, to make a long serpentine shape.
The story contains many serpentine twists and a complex mixture of plots and subplots.
It started with a broken serpentine belt and a driver stopping in for a repair.
His necktie was drawn into a loose know, or hung free, with serpentine ends coiled away somewhere in his clothing.
Serpentine minerals are made of tiny sheets of silica tetrahedrons that are loosely held together.

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