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All it has to do is take these protests as seriously as they deserve to be taken.
Kennan took seriously the charge that he must become a scholar.
Investors have suddenly started taking nanotechnology seriously.
But if you try to talk to him, it will quickly become obvious that something is seriously wrong.
The shabby chic table opposite, for instance, is in my zip code range and seriously tempting.
The mammalian heart may possess the ability to renew seriously damaged tissue, researchers say.
Fit has become one seriously over-determined signifier, co-opted so often and for such disparate ends as to become meaningless.
If businesspeople should take art more seriously, artists too should take business more seriously.
Wheeler was one of the first prominent physicists seriously to propose that reality might not be a wholly physical phenomenon.
Smaller, more numerous carnivores would have seriously limited its feeding opportunities.
They look great together and seriously couldn't have been any easier to grow.
Many of the comments echoed one another, and they need to be taken seriously.
The gigantic problem with cyber crime is that no-one seems to take it seriously.
Fortunately, many clothing manufacturers take environmental issues seriously enough to seek out materials.
By the sounds of it, they're lucky people weren't seriously injured.
The practice of the time when people were seriously ill.
Destroy any lilies that have mottled leaves or are seriously stunted.
Now, his critics fear, no one will take it seriously.
Many of these aquatic monsters are thought to be seriously threatened by overfishing and habitat destruction.
It's time for rational minded scientists to start seriously challenging the ideas behind modern synthetic theory.
Nursery pansies are tempting me seriously this year, too.
The roof leaks even more seriously during the next storm.
The report cites numerous examples of nature reserves whose purpose of wildlife protection is being seriously undermined.
Be realistic and people will take you much more seriously.
In climates where it winters over, look for it to grow up to eight feet, seriously.
Sure, but when we're talking existential threats, even miniscule ones have to be taken seriously.
Nobody who takes this report seriously can easily argue for doing nothing.
Hyacinth, red-fronted, and blue-throated macaws are seriously endangered.
Swordfish and hake fisheries also seriously affect albatrosses.
Over time, your upholstery absorbs those scents and can start to seriously stink.
Higher-education leaders may disparage popular rankings of universities, but plenty of people take them seriously.
Fortunately no one was injured, although many properties were seriously damaged.
They were forced, usually by law, to take the safety of the public more seriously.
Should that future arrive, the society reluctantly recommends seriously considering the following five global-cooling ideas.
All were forced at last to take the listeners' views seriously.
In my department, it's extremely seriously forbidden.
Here are all the gotta-get-it items for seriously savvy outdoor fanatics.
He has good looks, affability and an endearing tendency not to take himself too seriously.
Our society is seriously mentally ill with respect to hemp.
As to the minority who seriously overdo it, research suggests that they display addictive behaviour in other ways too.
Four hospitals in the city were seriously damaged by the storm, and the roof was torn off a nursing home, she said.
Nobody knows whether she seriously intends to join the race or, if she does, how seriously to take her.
Despite official doubts that uncontacted tribes exist, oil companies apparently take threats of encounters seriously.
Several drinks later, the bottle of vodka is seriously depleted.
Non-executive directors take their task more seriously than ever before.
Sound practices would include seriously investing in the general welfare and protection of local communities.
For the first time, in fact, financial difficulties began seriously to press on him.
From the position now occupied he did not seriously depart throughout the strenuous literary work of his mature years.
Nor were the burghers as a whole seriously affected in their civil, religious, or social liberties by the changes.
Crystal is the earliest that is likely to be taken seriously by the gift-bearers.
It is well to take duties, and life generally, seriously.
Not until he had wounded one of them, and been so seriously wounded himself that he had to fire his last shot from a sitting.
But without humility, patience and the proper foundation, a novice can seriously injure himself.
More broadly, the rating agencies have never given us any reason to take their judgments about national solvency seriously.
If you aren't thinking seriously about the potential downside risks to an action, then you aren't thinking seriously.
But they seldom take the arts seriously as a source of inspiration.
With so many people taking the hamburger standard so seriously, it may be time to beef it up.
Whether you consider him a crackpot or not seems to hinge on how seriously you take his gold standard talk.
For almost half a century no government has dared to interfere seriously with the way the police service is run.
On the contrary, many believe they must show off to be taken seriously.
Intellectually, however, he has long been frustrated at not being taken seriously.
One theory doing the rounds is that they seriously underestimated the money funds' holdings of its debt.
If the government does not act soon to tighten liquidity, share and house prices will become seriously overvalued.
If it fails, traditionalists will no doubt scoff at the idea that teaching through playing games was ever seriously entertained.
Instead, he says, the seven are guilty of negligence because they did not take the risk of a big quake seriously enough.
In the process, they appear to have become seriously convinced about the benefits of being green.
Researchers warn that sleep deprivation can seriously diminish the immune system.
Armed with such a cunning contraption, this tiny ant becomes seriously deadly.
But seriously, your first impression of a country is often made in an airport.
Environmentalists sometimes have a tendency to take themselves a tad too seriously.
If patients are too seriously burned to endure this additional damage, surgeons attempt skin grafts from other sources.
What many don't realize is that it's fun to reinvent yourself, as long as you don't take it too seriously.
Hence, it would behoove people to allow themselves to be entertained and not take the film too seriously.
Everyone would already know this, you'd think, if only the study of grammar were taken more seriously.
Or, as it's more commonly known, taking yourself too seriously.
So it's no surprise the city takes the music business seriously.
But apparently some people were taking it more seriously.
Maybe a few dead sailors would persuade the next batch of hostages to take pirate demands more seriously.
And with that wide aperture comes a seriously shallow depth of field.
No need to read the rest of this piece-seriously, there's an annoying rant up ahead anyway.
Copyrights and patents must be seriously curbed and limited.
Seriously, there was no aspect of climate in considering these effects.
Given what is known about the hazards of floating refuse, scientists are taking the potential threat seriously.
And put ourselves at risk of becoming seriously obese, and developing diabetes.
Studies show that changes in your heart valve began to seriously affect your heart function.
Seriously send me some kits, it will be the best thing many of them will ever do for humanity.
Seriously--any species lost largely due to its lack of good looks and appeal can be solely blamed on us.
There are situations in which blocking pain could be seriously abused.
It would seriously weigh down the app to do so, probably, but maybe it would be worth it.
C'mon folks, this ain't the kind of research any consumer ought to be taking seriously.
Give yourself intermittent deadlines and take them seriously.
Or put more seriously, as often as it makes sense for your teaching goals.
Even if an interviewer's inquiry seems elementary, take it seriously.
Most academics do not take them seriously at all--and in many cases, it would be a definite sinker for you.
How seriously interested you are in the job is a legitimate question for the employer.
If you're seriously job-hunting, you'll write a lot of letters.
One way they honor it is by continuing to take it seriously enough to criticize.
The fashion world is commonly accused of taking itself too seriously.
Seriously, though, it is extremely difficult to get a college graduate to stop drinking alcohol.
He is seriously injured, and eventually becomes epileptic.
Positive feedback and multiple equilibria have to be taken seriously.
The jokes about mortality that run through his films become serious as he takes his aging seriously.
They wonder why people are taking this case so seriously.
It's not being a goof-off, or refusing to take something seriously.
Six more, including a senior member of my team, were seriously wounded.
The functions of music and dance in the evolution of the human species have only recently been seriously studied.
As with all seriously addictive things, giving up proved to be immeasurably harder than starting.
Yet he was always seriously at work on a number of projects that he was forever trying to get the financing for.
Of course, that is a personality which is not seriously divided.
Universities have taken seriously calls for inclusiveness and affirmative action.
But it is not clear why they should be taken any less seriously than the ones he made, and on which he prevailed.
The high cost of fuel this past year seriously damaged our economy and society.
It's good someone is taking seriously the opportunity to make excellent cells in a direct gap, inorganic semiconductor.
But whatever the source, the captured sunlight seriously extends any oil energy used.
Before introducing such a device into commercial use, it will be imperative to seriously investigate all the ramifications.
Having said that, governments have to reconsider seriously the approach of selling frequency licences.
Seriously, though, this unit's gotta have to have some serious metallurgical engineering built in.
Seriously though, unless humanity decides to consume significantly less fuel, converting the ocean may be the only way to go.
Sure it has been mentioned by a few fanatics, but no-one is seriously thinking that is the main benefit.
Constellation had cost issues, and it was seriously behind schedule.
No mathematicians will take inconsistent theory seriously.
Seriously, go into a store and start looking at labels.
But seriously, this sort of thing is an excellent opportunity for the world to start pulling together a wee bit.
If the visitor will promise himself not to take this play seriously, he will probably have a rather amusing evening.
Add this to the list of items that could seriously threaten world peace: food.
Anybody who takes the results seriously may never be able to look at an egg or a steak the same way again.
It's amazing to me that anyone with a functioning brain cell takes these ludicrously hypocritical buffoons seriously.
She writes expertly and seriously for big, virtuoso orchestra.

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