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Defects such as a deeply caved top and gummy, dense texture are serious.
Bacterial canker and brown rot of stone fruit are serious diseases.
Plus, the group is not nearly as serious as all that.
Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things.
One step added to serious irony leads us to serious caricature.
She reproved him for jesting in a matter so serious.
The example of all the saints shows us, that virtue is not to be attained without serious endeavours, and much pains.
At the same time, a welcoming remark should be serious, lest you suggest that the occasion is not a solemn one.
They are nerds and nose-pickers with serious social-skill deficits.
Now the results of a new study indicate that these stresses can have serious consequences for doctors and patients alike.
No one welcomes a serious infection, but in some cases it can help to protect you against tumors.
Increasingly many bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotic treatment, presenting a serious public health threat.
The tests can reveal serious health threats, of course, but they come with risks.
Tomorrow's blimps may well play a much more serious role: airborne surveillance.
As such, the widespread conversion of peat bogs into commercial uses around the world is serious cause for alarm.
The humble organ may help us recover from serious infections.
In fact, colonics can actually cause serious harm, researchers report.
Psychological studies also indicate that highly creative people share an elevated risk of serious mental illness.
Other ethicists worry that fears of eugenics will be raised if testing can be done for less-serious conditions.
They have integrated graphics and slower processors, so they aren't great for gaming or for serious video work.
His style was at once simple and antic, serious and slapstick, metaphoric and mischievous.
But adhering to strict cultural norms can have serious consequences.
Pregnancy, they found, had serious consequences for movement through water.
What also has to be accepted is that these articles will claim the attention of a smaller percentage of serious readers.
Raising a potential guide dog is a serious and lengthy proposition.
Many people are successfully managed or cured using drugs, without any serious side effects.
However, the neighborhoods where people live can be serious sources of pollution.
There are serious concerns about human safety as well.
But this ancient species, the oldest member of its order of pinnipeds, is in serious jeopardy.
Males in captivity either show a serious lack of interest or are incompatible with the females and become aggressive.
But they are also prone to a number of serious genetic diseases.
But first there was the serious business of dinner to be engaged in.
The dust grains pose no serious threat to the planets.
There are also these snails-and this is a serious suggestion if you are in a dire state-that live near dried up water holes.
They say such antlers would have been a serious inconvenience in the dense forests that spread northward after the last ice age.
Past legends aside, rat infestations today can be a serious problem.
But pools remain a serious health concern, as the summer mosquito breeding season sets in.
Many males sport serious scars or even missing limbs thought to be related to their violent encounters.
And although reports of serious human injury are rare, there are records of people dying from the creature's noxious sting.
Video games dealing with serious subjects, from civics to surgery, are getting increasingly more serious attention.
The first serious battlefield ray gun is now being deployed.
It has survived as readers have shunned papers and papers have shunned what was in stuffier times thought of as serious news.
In industry, major changes require serious review before change is made.
Yet, in stark contrast to other modern expansions, there are scant signs of serious wage or price pressure.
Poetry is not mainstream, but then neither is serious fiction, really.
People in such a state have serious brain damage as a result of an accident or stroke.
Two years on there is a more serious threat to the supply lines of countries on the fringes of the euro zone.
No serious structural changes will be demanded in return.
Then human lawyers code the same e-mails, sorting things as irrelevant, relevant or serious.
Lots of powerful technologies have a serious drawback: they generate way too much noise.
But standard tests cannot identify all problems, and many extremely serious conditions go undetected until birth.
But this prized robustness is also a serious limitation.
Space junk is a serious problem, particularly in some orbits where debris is increasing at alarming rates.
Losing e-mail can be a serious problem for both the public and private sector.
Thus, whatever materials are used in a deuterium-tritium fusion power plant will have to endure serious punishment.
Others have tried using lithium-sulfide cathodes in the past, but experienced serious problems with the material's conductivity.
Morning: smells of serious cooking float in the street.
They smoothly move from serious to blasé and back again.
The writer prefers the more serious kind of nature show, the kind that follows its subjects through the wild.
The serious readers aren't reading for instruction or for journalistic content.
These relatively unknown berries also pack a serious nutritional punch, including antioxidant levels that are off the charts.
Their deep, serious desires might be what saves them.
For people with celiac disease, gluten can cause serious health conditions.
Not with prop bets-those silly-yet-serious wagers that cover everything from the national anthem to the commercials.
But he's no longer a contender, no longer a protagonist who challenges anything serious.
It was serious indeed, but few critics at the time could see past the gloss of publicity to detect the object of value.
They were dismissed as soft-headed crazies unmoored from reality and serious foreign policy thinking.
Benign but irritating skin eruptions signal much more serious internal troubles.
Fortunately, aside from an itchy bottom, sufferers rarely experience serious harm.
Another source listed slow heart rate and problems breathing as some of the serious adverse reactions.
It may be the first example of a serious scientific study being launched by a viral video.
Over budget and behind schedule, it's in serious trouble.
Values outside the normal range could indicate excessive fluid loss, or a serious breakdown in the control system.
She accepted the fact that she might have a serious illness brewing, but watchful waiting was the only treatment option.
But his problem could fit into the cluster of conditions known as autism spectrum disorders, which are serious.
Referred by their local doctors for serious cardiac symptoms, they could not be said to represent average people.
It looked somewhat narrowed, probably from the lymph nodes bunched around it, but nothing serious.
Good model building addresses serious outstanding problems and provides elegant and consistent solutions.
Conditions other than croup can cause that rasping-stridor-but those diseases are far more serious.
Christine is a serious soul from a devout background.
Serious historians may try to find the truth behind the legend.
Rarely does the question of the origins of human language provoke serious attention from linguists.
The authors' thoughtful and comprehensive blueprint deserves serious consideration, but important challenges remain.
For him, theology is as real and as serious as science.
The end of the century is coming, and serious citizens of the world's number one power are beginning to get worried.
Let me, in the same spirit of serious inquiry, raise one point.
Fascism itself was a work of propaganda, not a serious program.
Unless you keep clear about these two senses of these and related notions you are going to make some serious mistakes.
There are two equally serious reasons why it isn't worth any adult reader's attention.
Nevertheless he must be serious in these derogations.
Despite their sensational subject matter, these books represent a serious approach to history.
Booing, as all serious athletics enthusiasts know, is a sign of displeasure.
For the record, our timber-management plan will effectively reduce the potential of a serious wildfire.
Notice how on the earliest ones his delivery is staid and serious-he even tells hecklers to shut up.
But he hasn't been in a high-pressure situation where he's had to make a serious decision, either.
These are deadly serious, if yet fully proven, charges.
He wouldn't take off the jacket the whole day, wearing a serious face the whole time he composed his text.
It's a great place to get news and they report in a way that is not serious and depressing.
It's cool that she only toured this time for four days-that way, only people who are serious about her performances got to see it.
The fire turned out not to be serious and rated only a squib in a few gossip columns.
Plenty of chefs share my serious crush on cornmeal mush.
The cuisine that can surprise him has a serious back catalog.
The funky, fruity aroma relents to a tangy sourness, while the serious carbonation provides a pleasing tingle.
If you don't get the beef here, you're making a big mistake-because this is some serious meat.
She will adjust to the needs of all serious students.
So the fact that she'd add a healthy dose of whimsy to the typically serious art of tattooing is no surprise.
Each addition was met with a serious critique by my colleagues.
His hands and jowls were sagging down and he had serious trouble keeping his eyes open.

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