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Most software programs are made up of instructions that tell a computer to take a series of actions in a certain order.
Articles in this series are exploring the causes of the financial crisis.
First, the professors will develop a series of videotaped.
Might have to do some research as series starts this month.
Out came the vertebrae, pelvic bones, and-one by one-a series of ribs deeply embedded in the cliff side.
Four irrepressible friends head out to sea in the latest installment in a first-reader series that has no equal.
Now it's the fact that you can take those series on the road with you.
Future posts in the series will explore some of these tools in more detail.
Yet this respectable average hides a series of problems.
The result is a curious series of portraits-the only surviving of the empress.
Tanner cleared the slope of blackberries and ivy, then set a series of large steps into it to provide access to the slope's top.
Kirk, is coming out with the fifth installment of his sci-fi series.
The interior part is housed in a series of old greenhouses.
Every episode of what was probably the environmental movement's first television series is now available on the web.
The whole process is a series of procedures targeted to one end product, beer.
Rumor has it that the farm's locavore dinner series is expanding into an on-site restaurant.
Then we're using our produce to cook a series of seasonal feasts.
The ceiling has a series of recessed panels that contain incandescent downlights to further brighten and define the space.
Many departments invite guest speakers to give a talk and spend a day or two visiting as part of a seminar series.
Over the years it acquired objects and mounted shows in a series of rented spaces around the city.
Financiers discovered that they had created a series of risks that the market could not cope with.
They should not ump any one team's games for more than four series all year.
The thin pieces of wood between the series of cuts should break out easily.
Every additional ten runs scored in a debut series adds an extra five runs to a player's career average.
The verdict would seem to be that there is some indication of chaos in some of the series that have been examined.
And a new series of talks for collectors adds to the momentum.
Seeing business life as a never-ending series of games, each of which has a winner and a loser, can be a handicap.
Our series of articles on how some of the world's leading financial firms are adapting to the post-crisis world.
Articles in this series are examining the effects of the growing concentration of wealth.
Reality series combining informal talk and game show elements as celebrities come together for a game of charades.
The series is now here, and it was worth waiting for.
Originally, a cramped kitchen and a series of small rooms clogged one side of the house, hindering access to the outdoors.
If you have missed this series, here is what we've published to date.
For example, perhaps you're a grad student who's been asked to organize a speaker series in your department.
These and the other plays were not at first conceived as a decade-by-decade series, nor were they written in matching sequence.
The course examines a series of topics related to urban inequality and poverty.
Others limit their purchases to a particular series of patterns.
But judging by this second volume in a projected eight-volume series, it is going to be a smashing success.
Explore the neurobiology of the human bond through a museum exhibit, a lecture series and a scientific conference.
The rest is a series of careful local surgeries to intertwine these three pairs.
It also predicts that this pattern should exhibit a series of progressively fainter peaks.
The subjects were next asked a series of leading questions designed to elicit wrong answers about the same details.
Many of these books come in series, spinning out extended narratives in intricately imagined worlds.
There was something noticeably different about this year's team, seen especially in this series.
But unfortunately, it is vitiated by a series of errors that deserve to be noted.
It was a series of short videos that were a lot of fun to make.
To verify this hypothesis, he and his colleagues carried out a series of experiments on mice.
So he videotaped turkeys--living relatives of the dinosaurs--barreling down a series of muddy runways in his lab.
Then the scientists showed their test subjects a series of names of famous people.
In the first task, the subjects decided whether two series of lines were going in the same direction.
Neurons can do a good job of producing a steady series of pulses.
In two dimensions, bubble walls trace the shortest possible distance between a series of points.
It yields a series of infinite answers, which are meaningless.
Series are the groupings into which archivists organize manuscript collections.
The series could represent a radical rethinking of a key contemporary genre.
It's unproductive to think of security as a series of threats to be overcome, a computer scientist argues.
The researchers are working on increasing the power of the device by adding more piezoelectric wires arranged in series.
It then encounters a series of alternating silver and aluminum-oxide layers.
First they etch a series of ridges and troughs, called a grating.
In a series of elegant and rigorous mouse experiments, they found none.
Conventional diagnosis, in contrast, relies on a patient's subjective choices from among a series of corrective lenses.
Now carry out a series of periodic measurements on the photon.
The trick to building a temporal cloak is to place two time-lenses in series and then send a beam of light through them.
The new vehicle is an example of what's known as a series hybrid, another in a growing type of hybrid-vehicle variant.
Unfortunately, the winning teams then go into a series of knockout rounds, which are notoriously poor experiments.
Follow up on the next two parts of the series here and here.
The dark series, with its brilliant cinematography, is a paean to people who believe that things happen for a reason.
The series ended its inaugural season with a bang, then a whimper.
Homeland-Showtime's latest original series, which premiered last night-is a gripping, intelligent thriller with a lot to say.

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Where do we find ourselves? In a series of which we do not know the extremes, and believe that it has none.... more
Galileo, with an operaglass, discovered a more splendid series of celestial phenomena than anyone since.... more
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