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State intervention has so far failed to tackle serial criminals, while pointlessly and expensively locking up too many petty ones.
Genetic data suggest what scientists call a serial founder effect.
Serial entrepreneurs could retire when they cash out of a thriving business.
Indeed, should a bank want to, it could match every note it issued against its printed serial number.
But my life doesn't overlap much with singles, serial monogamists, or divorcees.
For serial renovators, a compulsive drive to get it right.
So when you factor serial marriages into the equation the divorce rate starts looking a lot better.
One of the serial stories was about his five marriages and their consequences.
Serial production in a factory is much less expensive than custom building out in the field.
Clinging onto the idea of serial monogamy is irrational thinking.
The result is unemployment, and serial credit crises.
The few who go behind bars-usually serial offenders, or suspected dealers-do an average of three months.
So send a letter with name, rank, and serial number.
Should a bank want to, it would be able to match every note it issued with the serial number printed on it.
She's a serial gadget-dropper, so her concerns are understandable.
It's horribly cloying and cynical-and both of its stars are serial offenders.
Nothing turns off a donor more quickly than simultaneous or serial requests from the same organization.
Story starts to begin serial career, and public gets stirred up.
Without me as a character, my serial adventures would have felt too episodic.
We still seem to be caught in this serial way of thinking of science and breakthroughs.
But the light-speed innovations in consumer electronics have turned many of us into serial replacers.
He had been instructed to tell his captors only his name, rank, and serial number.
In his wallet they found a twenty-dollar gold certificate with a ransom serial number.
One thing that fascinates me is why our mind is such a singular, serial processor.
The serial deniers and fake skeptics and their dupes above are not doing anything but making noise and preventing progress.
Males have a specific finite lifetime, and can enter into a serial set of relationships.
There's been a lot of talk about how setting an end date for a scripted serial helps to recharge it.
Basically a model whereby our species spread across the world via serial founder events.
The coloring in the fake is uniform across, and the serial number is off-center.
He also developed a serial habit of falling out with those close to him.
He was a serial monogamist, only he wasn't so hot on the monogamy part.
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