sergeant in a sentence

Example sentences for sergeant

The detective sergeant in charge of the case did not believe in space visitors.
And now, he is told, his first sergeant is mortally wounded.
The idea was to scare off militants while coalition troops tried to rescue the sergeant.
Practicing drill under their sergeant's orders in broad daylight in the main road.
Fay said blistering things of the sort that only a drill sergeant, or an especially corrosive fifth-grade teacher, might utter.
Miller can tell it's the first sergeant by how little he is, so little the poncho hangs almost to his ankles.
Look at the sergeant major at attention to see the whole compensatory mechanism in action.
Almost half way to the wall, down go color bearer and color to the ground-the gallant sergeant is dead.
The sergeant looked back at him with wide, guilty eyes.
Perez hinted at a scandal that could involve perhaps five other officers, including a sergeant.

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Had I but time—as this fell sergeant, Death, Is strict in his arrest—O, I could tell you— But let it ... more
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