serenely in a sentence

Example sentences for serenely

He has traveled through time, and now gazes serenely at us.
The rain has ceased and the sun is shining serenely.
Serenely doing little or nothing also frees your mind for your research and teaching.
She was never rattled, and she serenely reeled off one extremist bromide after another.
And this baritone serenely removes the scarf, stamps it out, and continues singing as if nothing were wrong with the world.
Visitors can also escape the city streets in the museum's pair of serenely landscaped sculpture gardens.
Apparently the producers do not know, either, for the last time he is seen he is still rowing serenely from the island of doom.
They spend their days serenely observing, unable to interact with people, and they feel neither pain nor joy.
She spoke serenely of life as the experience of drifting in a rudderless, leaky old boat.
The absence of televisions in the serenely decorated, air-conditioned guest rooms helps maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
Ears perked, he stood serenely as cameras clicked away.
Public necessity was his reason for again bobbing up serenely.
He smoked his pipe and seemed to be serenely happy, that everything was as it should be.

Famous quotes containing the word serenely

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