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Example sentences for serene

The malls have that serene aura of undisturbed wilderness, with scarcely a shopper in sight.
The museum offers a serene setting for quiet reflection and learning.
As ever, the president himself radiates a serene confidence.
It is by turns aloof and affectionate, serene and savage, endearing and exasperating.
The area was beautiful, the sounds serene, and even the smells delightful and earthy.
They have similarly serene personalities that sometimes make them seem a little detached.
Vistas of the lake reveal a serene scene surrounded by palatial villas, tree-clad mountains, and quaint villages.
People who have been inside say that the limo is eerily serene, as if the outside world were on mute.
But in each remaining image, the serene self-certainty in his eyes remains for all to see.
He is serene, still sensate, hardly inconvenienced by his own demise.
The garden is created of serene compositions of water, plants and stone in five distinct garden styles.
The delightful talk, the serene good nature, the revelation of the artistic nature-it's all wonderfully fine.
It would have been a serene tableau, except for the air-sucking whomp of artillery shells.
Service is the sort of exquisite, unflappable, serene experience that one scarcely notices any work is taking place at all.
On this pristine east coast, topography varies from rugged cliffs to serene beaches, and the views seem to extend to infinity.
The result is a landscape harnessed for productivity but appearing unspoiled and serene.
The campground sits along the lake for serene views of the water.
Today, the housing areas are largely surrounded by mature forest giving an isolated and serene feeling to this largely urban area.

Famous quotes containing the word serene

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